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Our Team

Staff enjoying school as much as students
Enjoy working together
BIS staff & alumni having fun together
...and playing together
Teacher helping a child choose a book to support his interests and passions
Empower individual growth and interests
Teachers celebrate Diwali - group dressed in traditional costume
Unite through shared values
Students learn an instrument in class from early Primary School
Share talents, passions and enthusiasm

Welcome to BIS and our thriving school community. We are proud to be an experienced and highly-regarded International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

Our 825 students profit from the IB Primary Years Programme (ages 3 – 11), the IB Middle Years Programme (ages 11 – 16) and the IB Diploma Programme (ages 16 – 19).

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IB), Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) reaffirmed their long-standing accreditation of our school in September 2019. We have started our next accreditation cycle, including a visit from the IB and NEASC in November 2023 and full team visit in October 2024.

Bringing new impulses to our community

Faculty and staff at BIS are a healthy mix of experienced colleagues and those bringing fresh impulses to our community. When recruiting, our school seeks to mirror the cultural diversity of its student body. We value forward-thinking and open-minded individuals who bring out the best in others and contribute to a positive, healthy school environment. 

There are many advantages to working at BIS – our engaged students, open-minded colleagues, an extensive support programme, and a state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The quality of life and international flair of Bonn, our affordable, green host city on the banks of the Rhine River, cannot be underestimated. And, if you want to experience more of Europe, Bonn sits in the middle of the continent with easy access to the famous Autobahn, train connections and international airports. 


Paula teaches Spanish to native speakers. She is also a BIS parent, with a child in our Primary School. 

Paula is a passionate, compassionate educator. She believes that, if exposed to new information, we can all learn. But we learn a lot more if we are trained to think analytically and critically. As a teacher, this is how Paula makes her students ready for the future.

Our Spanish teacher Paula OG

Paula Ortega Gomez, Secondary Spanish Teacher

"I love the intercultural, multilingual experience and the education philosophy embraced by BIS. This school takes a real-world approach to learning that puts learners in the driver’s seat. This is ideal for languages, which are intrinsically linked to culture and context."


Matt has been an important part of our Co-Curricular Programme since 2012, first as a coach and then as the coordinator. He is quite a sportsman himself, playing basketball, volleyball, softball and golf.

An American and father of four children, Matt is dedicated to bringing the joy and skills found on the field, court and course to students of all ages.

Our Co-Curricular Sports Programme Coordinator Matt

Matt DeVries, Co-Curricular Sports Coordinator

"I love interacting with kids, especially in the area of sport and fine arts. It is an honour participating in the growth of students as they learn lessons about sacrifice, commitment, focus, effort and adversity."



Petra, a seasoned hand in the Accounting Office, joined BIS 15 years ago after switching careers and following a second professional training.

She grew up in Bonn and is a great ambassador for local traditions, like the Kölsch dialect and Carnival.

Meet Petra R - member of our Accounting and Finance Department

Petra Reuter, Accounts Payable

"The most important part of my job is my colleagues. There is indeed always support, help and a listening ear."


Originally trained as an electrical engineer, Veit came to teaching  after working in the telecommunications industry. He now is a long-time member of our Sciences Department and also leads one of our Co-Curricular coding groups.

When not in the lab, Veit is busy with other pursuits like beekeeping, leading a Scout troop and hobby programming. He is a German national married to an Irish wife and father to two Primary aged children.


Our Physics and Science teacher Veit K

Veit Koch, Physics Teacher

"When relationships with students are good, there is a good vibe in the classroom and you can see that they are engaging with the content. "


Not only is Alex an experienced educator and school administrator, he is also known as Dangerboy. Dangerboy juggles, balances incredible and unlikely objects on his nose and is always up to great fun at school assemblies.

Alex can be seen at the front door greeting students and their every morning and often walking the halls visiting classrooms. At the end of the day, he hops on his bicycle to set off for home.

Our Primary School Principal Alex Whitaker dressed as the BIS Dragon enjoys water fun with young learners

Alex Whitaker, Primary Principal

"I love to see success in other people. My favorite moments are when I hear conversations in the hallway about a great lesson or student progressing when challenged. These moments underline quietly, but importantly, the impact of our programmes."


Before coming to BIS, Bina worked in schools in the United States and Peru.

She describes herself as a teacher, data enthusiast and lover of all things related to mindfulness, yoga, food, travel and animals. Bina is also passionated about student wellbeing and the development positive habits.

Assistant Principal - Cultivating safe spaces for kids

Bina Shah, Assistant Secondary Principal

"I once read that you should 'be the person you needed when you were younger’. I never had a teacher that looked like me or had similar life experiences. Despite that, school was my safe space because of the people who filled it. I've dedicated my life to cultivating safe spaces for kids like me, who also need a home away from home."

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