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Student Wellbeing in COVID Times

Student Wellbeing in Times of COVID
Kelli Holm, Amanda Vogt and Kalli Walker

Throughout the unprecedented challenges of the past year, we BIS Counselors have strived to enhance student well-being and build resilience within our school community. Whatever the school model, we have adapted their services to meet the ever shifting needs of students.

When schools closed for in-person learning, we reached out to students via recorded videos, google chat messages and email blasts.  These messages let students know their Counselors were still available and included tips on stress management, balance, self-organization and building connections during times of social isolation. 

We aimed to normalize feelings of stress, discomfort and loneliness, while also supporting students to develop positive, healthy coping skills. We visited virtual advisories and classrooms, facilitated guidance lessons and continued meeting with students one-on-one and in groups.  When students returned to school in person, we organized small group check-ins to help students process their reactions and feelings towards yet another change.

Collaboration is at the heart of school counseling, and to this end we Counselors have continued to work with administration, teachers and parents throughout the past year to support students.  Whether it be collaborating to survey student well-being, advocating for policies that help students maintain balance, arranging virtual events and buddies for new students joining BIS during distance learning, or organizing a webinar for parents on promoting healthy relationships with technology, we have aimed to build connections and highlight the strengths within our diverse learning community.  

It has been a privilege to observe the resilience and growth our students have shown during these times of adversity!