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Technology includes robotics, coding, programmingAt BIS, technology supports learning as part of our curriculum and via the many opportunities to enrich class work. We know that the appropriate use of a range of software programmes and communication tools can have a very positive impact on student learning and achievements. Educational technology tools help our students in their thinking, creating, researching, communicating, collaborating and publishing. Therefore, we invest considerable resources in information and communications technology (ICT).

Our dedicated ICT laboratories provide the infrastructure for design classes, robotics and programming and extend specialized learning. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard or iPad/Apple TV projection solution. The Media Centre loans trolleys of MacBook computers and iPads for in-class support.

As students mature, we mentor them to increasingly independently plan when and how to most appropriately use technology to support their learning. 

  • From Early Learning through to Grade 7, we provide students with iPads to support their learning.
  • This includes 1-to-1 use in Grades 4 - 5.
  • In Grades 6 - 7, students take their iPads home to ensure they can apply classroom learning outside of school and can access the educational software loaded on their devices.
  • In Grades 8 – 12, students bring a laptop of their choosing to school. Older students learn valuable skills in maintaining and organizing their devices and are thus well prepared for university and the ICT demands placed on them by tertiary education. 

We are aware that using technology to support learning has many advantages but there may also be pit falls. Our teachers work hard with students and parents to ensure that technology is used appropriately, as just one form of learning. We are particularly conscious that technology should not cause too much distraction, or for students to have unbalanced lives with too much screen time.