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Sports Clothing

Sports Uniform for Physical Education

Bonn International School, with the exception of specific clothing for Physical Education classes, has no uniform requirements for daily wear. Students are expected to arrive to school dressed appropriately for learning. For more details, please refer to the Parent Student Handbook in the Community Login.

Starting in Grade 1, however, all students are required to wear designated clothing (sometimes referred to as “P.E. Kit”) for their Physical Education classes. This clothing consists of a green t-shirt with the BIS logo and blue shorts.

The required clothing can only be purchased online with the supplier “Schwarz Sports”. To access the online shop:

1. Visit the website:
2. Click on the BIS Logo

T-shirts cost € 10, while shorts cost € 16, regardless of the size. A complete set of clothing will cost € 26. BIS recommends the purchase of 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts so that students may bring home a used t-shirt for washing and still have a change of clothes. Students who have BIS P.E. clothing / P.E. kit from previous years may continue to wear these. 

All orders above € 25 via “Schwarz Sports” are free of delivery charges. For an optional € 5 charge, the student’s name may be printed on the back of their t-shirt. This may aid with identifying lost clothing.