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Leadership is not an extracurricular activity, it is a skill nourished in every aspect of school life.

"Only when we push ourselves to empathize, to learn and to be curious, can we begin each of our journeys towards global companionship and complete international understanding." 

Recipient of the International Understanding Award, Class of 2020, (full speech)

Leadership is not simply a title reserved for the most accomplished or most visible students. We provide many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and confidence, inside and outside the classroom. Starting with our youngest students in Early Learning, our programmes seek to nourish leadership qualities in all our students. They nurture this potential through a student-centred and student-led experiential model, guided through challenge, experience, and reflection.

From simple opportunities in the classroom through to a range of co-curricular activities, BIS students choose and make decisions to flourish. Those who crave further challenge engage in a range of additional activities.

These include: Primary and Secondary School Student Councils, House Captains, TEDx, Model United Nations, Student Ambassadors, as well as ample opportunities through community service projects.