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Co-Curricular Programme

Athletics programme, music  and the arts, languages, after school child care

In addition to a well-balanced curriculum, we offer our students a comprehensive Co-Curricular Programme (CC) to broaden their interests and talents. We believe extracurricular pursuits compliment the classroom experience, give students new areas to achieve in, develop their interests, and offers children opportunities to mix with others outside the classroom.

Our programme spans everything from the arts to sports, languages to political debating clubs. Students participate in a variety of activities during their breaks in the school day, before and after school as well as during school holidays.

Our CC Programme divides into Co-Curricular Sports and Co-Curricular Activities, including after school child care.

The cost of activities varies broadly, depending on the type of activity and its provider. Activities such as choir, Garden Club or recreational sports incur no additional cost, whilst other activities such as private music lessons or programmes offered by outside providers encounter a specified fee. Our competitive sports teams travel to play with other international schools. Families of students who compete with our sports teams contribute a proportion of the costs associated with this.

CC Sports

We offer a wide range of recreational sports for all age groups and competitive sports for Grades 2 – 12. Students who are prepared to regularly train and attend practice may join the team by first participating in tryouts at the beginning of each of our three sports seasons. Recreational sports (without travel) are offered by season and open to all student sport enthusiasts. A programme of available sports per season is available upon request.

CC Activities

Activities include a diverse range of after-school and lunchtime activities for all students. Language schools, arts, coding, dance, drama, and music are among the variety of activities on offer. Activities may vary according to the talents of the teachers and parents who lead them. However, Model United Nations, TEDxYouth, chess, dance, private instrument lessons, and garden club are a sample of activities running every year.


The English speaking community in Bonn, whether BIS families or not, are able to participate in sporting activities and compete in local leagues via BISSV. This club is open to both children and adult athletes who would like to practice their sport all year long. 

Kidz Klub   

For families who require additional child care support after school, BIS offers a service until 18:00. Primary School children attending this service enjoy a variety of activities as well as homework supervision.