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Sickness procedure

Doctor’s Note
If an illness exceeds three days, a doctor’s certificate must be sent to the HR Office at the latest on the fourth day of illness, stating the probable duration of the absence caused by the illness. You must present a doctor’s certificate on the Monday if an illness occurs on a Friday and lasts through to, and includes, the following Monday (4th day). A second doctor’s certificate is required immediately if the duration of the absence caused by the illness is longer than previously stated. It is important that HR receives the doctors’ certificates in a timely manner as if we are not informed this could have consequences with regard to your insurance. Sick notes may be posted or brought in by a friend or colleague. If you fax the certificate you must present the original to HR upon your return. In all events the HOSSO must also be notified.
In cases of prolonged illness or disability the school continues to pay the full salary for up to 6 weeks (42 calendar days), beginning with the first day of illness or disability, in accordance with the German Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz. From the 43rd calendar day onwards salary payments will be made through the German health insurance. The amount will be approximately 70% of the monthly gross income but maximum 90% of the net income. This is calculated as a daily allowance and can be extended for up to a year or longer.

Expectations in the Case of Sickness/Verhalten im Krankheitsfall 

Leave Due to the Care of Sick Children
Employees are entitled to a certain number of days leave per calendar year for the care of a sick child or sick children according to the following conditions:

School pays 5 days total of staff member's salary during absences for each child 14 or under during a calendar year. These five days do not need to be consecutive.

The school requires a doctor's note after 3 consecutive days of a child’s illness dated on the third day of absence (to be brought or sent to the HR office on the third day, not after!).

Once a child has been ill for five days and a parent has taken five days paid leave, a parent employee is entitled to 5 more days of unpaid leave if the parent has a spouse or a partner. A single parent is entitled to 15 additional unpaid days during a calendar year.

If two parents of a child work at the school, each parent is allowed 10 days each, 5 paid and 5 unpaid for each child under 14 years of age.

Parents who are insured by State insurance may claim up to 90% of their salary from their health insurer for the unpaid days to which they are entitled. Doctor’s notes are needed for salary claims to the insurance company.

If there is another caregiver who is able to care for the child at home (e.g., grandparent, au pair, etc.), this policy does not apply.

In the case of grave illness for a child, there would be other arrangements at the discretion of the Director. Please contact HR (Christine Driesdow or Susanna Guzzo) if you have any questions regarding the above.