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The Secondary School operates on the following time and lesson schedule:

  • 08:20–08:35 Advisory (students proceed to Period 1 at 08:32)
  • 08:35–09:30 Period 1
  • 09:35–10:30 Period 2
  • 10:30–10:55 Break
  • 10:55–11:50 Period 3
  • 11:55–12:50 Period 4
  • 12:50–13:35 Lunch
  • 13:35–14:30 Period 5
  • 14:35–15:30 Period 6

The School Day

In Secondary, there is a ten-day Week A / Week B schedule. This schedule can be found on the community login calendar. The school day starts at 8:20 with a ten-minute advisory period. There are six 55-minute lessons. The last lesson ends at 15:30.

Breaks and Lunchtime

Secondary students are permitted in the cafeteria and the outside areas during the 25-minute morning break. The Secondary lunchtime is from 12:50–13:35.  Grade 6 –10 students should only be in the cafeteria before or after school, during morning break and during lunch. 

Students can either bring a packed lunch or purchase a meal from the cafeteria. Students choosing a meal from the cafeteria must pay using their BIS identity cards. There is a machine available to pre load money on to ID cards in the Waves building outside the cafeteria. Money may also be loaded on to the card in the cafeteria at the beginning and end of the school day and also via bank transfer. Information regarding how to do this is available in the cafeteria section on the BIS website.

Students in Grades 10 – 12 are allowed to leave school grounds during the lunch break after signing out, given that their parents have signed the form to agree to this. The Dean of Students reserves the right to withdraw these special privileges as a result of lateness.

Lateness and Absence

Lateness is regarded as a discourtesy to the teacher and fellow students. Repeated lateness is unacceptable. All Secondary students arriving after 8:20 are considered late and will be marked late by their Advisor. Students arriving after 8:30 must sign in at the Secondary School Office with Ms. Becker in the Agora building. Late students will be issued with a late pass that they must give to the teacher of their first lesson.

Absence from school is permitted for students who have health-related issues, or who need to attend medical appointments that can not be scheduled outside of school hours. Parents of students who are ill or will miss all or part of the school day due to such an appointment, should send an email to or call the Secondary School Office at 0228-308 54 500 before 8:20.

German law requires all students to be present during the school day. Students are obliged to take holidays only during the scheduled school holiday times. The school calendar is prepared over a year in advance to facilitate this planning. On the rare occasion that an absence appears inevitable to parents, parents must first request leave from the Principal in writing at least two weeks in advance. Students who miss class are required to complete all regular work assignments and any additional work allocated.

With the exception of Grades 10–12 students who have parental permission to leave campus during lunch, no student will be permitted to leave school grounds during the school day except with prior written notification from parents or a nurse release slip.

After School

Secondary students are required to leave school premises after school hours unless they are participating in or waiting to participate in a supervised school activity. This is regarded as a safety issue, as the school cannot guarantee insurance cover for students when not in approved activities. If students are waiting for an EC activity to begin, they are to wait quietly in the Media Centre, Cafeteria or Agora Lounge, all of which are open until 17:00. The school takes no responsibility for student safety if students are unsupervised.