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Conferences, Reports, Assignments

Assessment and Reports

Feedback in the form of assessment and reporting is essential to BIS Secondary School Programmes. Both MYP and DP summative results and feedback are available on our online learning management system, ManageBac. A formal report is sent through the ManageBac system twice in the academic year. 

Secondary Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in October 2020 and March 2021 (dates to be announced). Both parents and students are expected to attend these conferences, as this promotes open communication between home and school. Please note that regular classes do not take place during the times of Parent Teacher Conferences.

University References and Transcripts

The nature of a university reference will be different depending on the institution to which a student applies. Teachers of Grade 11 students will write a report on a student's ability and aptitude for further study as well as an estimated final grade in the IB Diploma before the end of the second semester. Students in Grades 11 also have the opportunity to complete a 'self assessment' used to provide further relevant information about a student’s interests and activities. The University Advisor will use the information provided by subject teachers and the student to compile an appropriate reference. In some circumstances (e.g. US universities), a personal recommendation is required from a subject teacher as well. Students should follow the appropriate steps as directed by Sara Militec, our University and Careers Advisor, when requesting a recommendation. 

If transcripts are required for a university or college application or when Grades 9 – 12 students move to another school, please provide appropriate notice to our Sara Militec and allow for five business days to process. She will need the mailing address to which the transcript should be sent.

Homework and Assignments

ManageBac is an online learning system which allows teachers and students to navigate the teaching and learning process digitally. Teachers post due dates for summative assessments on the ManageBac calendar. Upon logging in, the student will see a personalized calendar with the upcoming due dates from all of his/her classes. In addition, teachers post the criteria for all assessments. The expectation is that all Secondary students will log into the system once a day to retrieve messages, see announcements and due dates. 

Homework should reflect the expectations as listed below:

  • The time spent on completing homework should be clearly set and parents are encouraged to give feedback to teachers if students appear to need more time to complete work set.
  • When research homework is set, teachers make resources available.
  • The consequences of not completing homework are clearly outlined. 
  • Grade 6 – 10 students will not be set homework during vacation times.

If an assignment or homework is submitted late, the process is as follows:

  • Late submission will not be accepted for grading unless the Coordinator has approved an extension.
  • If a student is away on the day work is due with a legitimate excuse (eg. sickness), then the student must discuss with the subject teacher when the work will be completed. 
  • If a student knows ahead of time that he/she will be absent on the date work is due, the work should be handed in ahead of time.

Middle Years Programme (Grades 6 – 10)

The purpose of homework in the MYP is to reinforce and extend skills required in the classroom. Homework may also involve background reading and completing extended projects.

Grades 6 – 8 students can expect to spend up to one and a half hours each night on homework. Students in Grades 9 – 10 can expect to receive up to two hours homework each night. If parents have concerns that not enough or too much homework is being set, they should contact the subject teacher in the first instance.

Grades 9–10 Personal Project

The Personal Project is a significant piece of work undertaken outside of the classroom that is completed from end of Grade 9 through to January of Grade 10. This creative work is assessed at the end of the process with criteria that emphasize both the process and the quality of the product. 

Diploma Programme (Grades 11–12)

The work in the Diploma years becomes increasingly demanding as students progress towards the IB examinations and the BIS High School Diploma.

Homework is given in all subjects and may require several hours study per night. Assignments become longer and more complex, requiring students to manage their time carefully. Some homework may be completed at school during study periods that are incorporated into the daily schedule. All Grade 11 and 12 students are expected to keep up to date with their assignments.

The Extended Essay requires students to commit significant amounts of their own time in order to complete this in a nine-month timeframe. Students are expected to arrange regular meetings with their supervisor throughout the nine months to seek advice and keep them informed of their progress with the essay. All meetings should be recorded by the student on ManageBac.