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Conferences and Reports

Dear Parents and Guardian,

Please find below the Google Meet links for our Primary Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, 28 January and Friday, 29 January. These links include Homeroom Teachers and Single Subject Teachers.

Click on the link at your meeting time and the teacher will admit you to the meeting. You might need to wait a few seconds to be admitted. 

Kind regards,

Your Primary School Team






Ms. Laura & Mr. Jones & Ms. Rohini EL 3/4
Ms. Hart EL5JHA
Ms. Katie EL5KPA
Ms. Lucy 1LA
Ms. Weisbart 1WW
Mr. D 2SDO
Ms. Karen 3KCA
Ms. Post 3SHP
Ms. George 4GGE
Ms. Kimberley 4KCO
Ms. Diana 5DVM
Mr. Eike 5EGE
Ms. Gautrey 5PGA
Ms. Voth Art
Ms. Lockwood Drama
Frau Prochnau German
Frau Moritz German
Frau Meyer German
Frau Moths German
Frau Zoe German
Frau Semar German
Mr. Unkel Music
Ms. Alcock PHE
Mr. Smith PHE





Tapestry, Seesaw

BIS uses Tapestry in Early Learning and SeeSaw in Grades 1 – 5 for communication, reporting and sharing of student learning. Teachers and students can upload pictures and videos as a record of learning. Teachers and parents can then add comments to describe learning. This helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children's progress.

Teachers also use the message / inbox function for weekly updates and important parent inform. Login information is provided by class teachers.


Reporting in the Primary School consists of three parent conferences, a final written report and regular updates via Tapestry and Seesaw.


7/8 October 2020: Three Way Conference is attended by the student, parent(s) and teacher. The purpose of this conference is to set learning and growth goals for the year.

28/29 January 2021 (rescheduled from original dates of 21/22 January): Parent/Teacher Conference is attended by the parent(s) and teacher. Teachers will report on student progress in relation to goals and expectations.

12 May 2021: Student Led Conference / Portfolio Sharing is attended by parents and the student with guidance from the teacher. This is an opportunity to synthesize the portfolio and learning that has happened throughout the year.