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Communication, Conferences and Reports

Communications (Tapestry, Seesaw)

BIS uses Tapestry in Early Learning and SeeSaw in Grades 1 – 5 for communication, reporting and sharing of student learning. Teachers and students can upload pictures and videos as a record of learning. Teachers and parents can then add comments to describe learning. This helps educators and parents to record, track and celebrate children's progress.

Teachers also use the message / inbox function for weekly updates and important parent inform. Login information is provided by class teachers.


Reporting in the Primary School consists of three parent conferences, a final written report and regular updates via Tapestry and Seesaw.


7/8 October 2020: Three Way Conference is attended by the student, parent(s) and teacher. The purpose of this conference is to set learning and growth goals for the year.

21/22 January 2021: Parent/Teacher Conference is attended by the parent(s) and teacher. Teachers will report on student progress in relation to goals and expectations.

12 May 2021: Student Led Conference / Portfolio Sharing is attended by parents and the student with guidance from the teacher. This is an opportunity to synthesize the portfolio and learning that has happened throughout the year.