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Path to Success: Our Unsung Hero

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The road to success, as the saying often goes, is a twisted path filled with many challenges. Our students are very aspirational and want to achieve success. To ensure this happens, it truly takes a village. However, success can have such different meaning for our students and their families. In a multicultural environment, such as our BIS community, students have varying expectations, perceptions, and aspirations. Navigating that pathway towards success can become a somewhat more complex process.

Our students are very aspirational and want to achieve success.

Every student needs a champion, a person in their lives who is consistent in their support and knows them well. This person instils confidence in them, sees their potential and coaches them through the very complex decisions of career choices and educational pathways. That person at BIS often goes largely unrecognised and would prefer to be unnoticed in the background. Mrs Miletic, University and Careers Advisor at BIS, plays a critical role in supporting students through the complexity of career decision making and identifying progression pathways. She gently coaxes students to reach the finish line of their aspirations.

She gently coaxes them to pass the finish line of reaching their aspirations.

To achieve this, Mrs Miletic must wear multiple hats. With a Master’s degree in Education (career development), she designs and implements a career development curriculum for students in Grades 6 to 10. This involves developing self-awareness, exploring opportunities, deciding and acting. Each step is underpinned by our mission to empower and inspire students to achieve their full individual potential.

For students in Grades 11 and 12, Mrs Miletic provides individual support to ensure the needs and goals of each student are met. This ranges from administering standardised aptitude tests, such as PSAT and university entrance examinations, to building strong partnerships with universities and agencies to ensure opportunities are created for our students. She must keep her knowledge up to date on the major education systems around the world. In the last academic year, our students applied to 14 different countries with over 260+ applications!

Students attend top educational institutions in the WorldMrs Miletic ensures that students are on track to submit the strongest possible university application in a timely manner and administers the supporting documentation such as academic transcripts. She monitors their graduating requirements, teacher recommendations and a whole range of documents. University fairs are important opportunities for students to make decisions about courses and universities; promoting these events within BIS and external events are an important aspect of her work along with parent information evenings.

We all need an unsung hero: someone that believes in us and gently guides us to the next stage in our journey of life.

We all need an unsung hero: someone that believes in us and gently guides us to the next stage in our journey of life. Drawing from her career and personal experiences, our University and Careers Advisor offers the following motivation to students, “it’s invaluable to have a positive attitude towards whatever you’re doing. If you work hard enough at it, you can do anything you want to. Nothing is unachievable.” Mrs Miletic embodies the positive attitude she encourages, and perhaps more significantly, has a genuine commitment to helping students realise the ambitious goals she motivates them to strive for.