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BIS Live! Virtual Information Session - Introduction to our Secondary School

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Tools for Learning


NoodleTools is an online citation and note-taking tool. All students can log in with Google.
The following video tutorial (2:07 min.) shows how students can Create a Project and Join an Inbox.

Looking for an OPVL template? Save ours to your Google Drive. Remember to make a copy with comments.
The following questions should guide your evaluations:

For taking notes in class or while reading a textbook. 
Learn more about Cornell Notes and how to use them.
Click on the form icons to download.



Cornell Lined

Cornell Unlined


Taking notes for a research task?
Use these forms to stay organized as you gather all the information needed. 

Watch this video to learn more about how to use the forms.
Click on the form icons to download.



Notefacts Overflow


Organized Notefacts​

Notefact Sources

JSTOR is an advanced tool our DP candidates and some grade 10 students might use. This short video offer a brief overview of this database:

JSTOR in a minute: Search Tips. JSTOR, 2014. Vimeo, Accessed 9 Sept. 2019.