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Tips & Tricks

NoodleTools Projects and Inboxes

NoodleTools is an online citation and note-taking tool. All students can log in with Google. The following video tutorial (2:07 min.) shows how students can Create a Project and Join an Inbox.


OPVL Source Evaluations

Looking for an OPVL template? Save ours to your Google Drive. Remember to make a copy with comments. The following questions should guide your evaluations:

Note-Taking Forms

Click on the images to download blank note-taking papers.


Cornell Lined

Cornell Unlined



Notefacts Overflow


Organized Notefacts​

Notefact Sources


JSTOR Overview

JSTOR is an advanced tool our DP candidates and some grade 10 students might use. This short video offer a brief overview of this database:


JSTOR in a minute: Search Tips. JSTOR, 2014. Vimeo, Accessed 9 Sept. 2019.