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MYP Students

Feel safe to escape
Our library offers space for every type of learning style
Harness engagement and curiosity
Our librarian is a teacher too -- and knows how to get children excited about books and reading.
Navigate the digital world safely
Secondary students benefit from time in the library to learn essential source, research and citation skills
Receive advice and support to drive your passions
Young student receives advice from our Teacher Librarian
Develop a love of reading, reinforce the joy of books
Student in the library looking at paper books

Class Collections on Destiny Discover 


an image of grades 6 to 10  which links to collections of information on Destiny Discover

MYP Quick Links


More Excellent Online Resources

Click on the blue sections below to find links to more great resources. Many of the links need passwords, and you will need to sign in to the school's website to view them. You can save these passwords, but do not share them. 

Looking for note-taking forms or others study aids? Explore our Tools for Learning section.


Personal Project and the Library

Guidance for the Personal Project can be found here, courtesy of Mr. Smith. The Library and the Librarians are also here to support you in your Personal Project (grades 9/10).

Can't seem to find the perfect resource? Need us to order a book or article for your learning? Want an appointment to ask questions? Stop by or email us anytime

Questions about the Library


Suggest a Purchase

Have you searched our library resources and not found what you are looking for? Use the following form to request or suggest a book purchase. If you include your name you will be first in line to borrow the item if it is purchased.