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Support Services

At BIS we support each individual student's learning and emotional needs.

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything they can. 

– Carol Ann Tomlinson

What if your child does not speak English at a native language level? Or not at all? What if your child needs support or experiences difficulties in a regular class?

Bonn International School has an experienced specialist Learning Support team to help. The team provides support to students who encounter difficulties in the regular classroom, or require additional support. This support may include assessments, consultation, monitoring and scheduled time with either the student or relevant teachers.

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme helps students develop the language skills needed to participate actively in the mainstream classroom. When students join BIS, EAL teachers assess their needs. Where needed, they develop a tailored plan for increased English language support. Throughout the programme, EAL teachers continually monitor student progress in consultation with class teachers. When a student speaks and understands well enough to be fully independent in a classroom setting, he or she will exit EAL.

For non-academic issues, BIS has Counselors responsible for student pastoral care. Our Counselors regularly visit classrooms, and are an invaluable support and resource for both students and parents. Our Counselors help students with their concerns about friendships, peer pressure, values and other areas of significance to children and young adults. In addition, the Counselors host workshops for parents dealing with issues ranging from transitions between cultures to the challenges of puberty and adolescence.