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Learning Support

The philosophy of our Learning Support Programme is to empower students with diverse educational needs to become confident, independent learners who can self-advocate and find their own path to success. We strive to uncover the unique potential and gifts of each student, and fully embrace diversity and inclusion in our school. This reflects the wider world we live in, and fosters compassion for all. Partnership and collaboration between parents and teachers are essential, and guide our best practice as a team.

Our school provides a full spectrum of learning support to eligible students, including those with mild, moderate or intensive needs, within a school-wide intervention system. Admission to the Learning Support Programme is contingent upon maintaining balanced classes and the availability of resources. 

To determine the proper educational support, parents will provide a psycho-educational evaluation indicating areas of need. Following this, our Learning Support teachers will create an individual learning plan based on the results of this evaluation and other supporting documentation. The service delivery model may include:

  • small group instruction
  • in-class support
  • one-to-one instruction

Depending upon the individual learning plan, additional fees may apply. These can be found here.

For more information, please contact our Learning Support Team.