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Learning Support

The philosophy of our Learning Support Programme is to empower students with learning differences to become confident, independent, well-balanced, responsible global citizens who can self-advocate and find their own path to success.

We strive to uncover the unique potential and gifts of each student, and fully embrace diversity and inclusion in our school, which reflects the wider world we live in, and fosters compassion for all. We believe our partnership and collaboration with parents and teachers is essential, and guides our best practice as a team.

Bonn International School has undertaken the development and implementation of a within-school intervention system to provide enhanced services to students who may require Learning Support at either end of the learning continuum. This program endeavors to accommodate students with diverse learning needs, including high ability needs, and help them achieve greater success in learning.

We endeavor to meet every student’s academic, emotional, social, and physical needs. While we want to be as inclusive as possible, our staffing restricts learning support services from Grades 1–12 to students with mild learning difficulties. We also provide early intervention consultation support for students in the Early Years. Assistance is provided by our Learning Support specialist teachers, both in and out of the classroom, typically in small groups.

A consideration in offering a place to new applicants will be the level of additional support required for a student to access the PYP/MYP/DP curriculum. Admission criteria may also include the total number of students requiring learning support in a particular grade level, and the resources available. If the level of special educational needs for an admitted student exceeds the limited capacity available at BIS, or if special needs arise after admission is granted, parents may be asked to provide additional private support within and outside school. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the respective school principal.