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Social & Emotional Wellbeing

MYP students gather round for lesson about personal wellbeing and safety.

Benefit from positive habits and nurturing relationships

Empowering a sense of belonging and security

We believe that students thrive best - both academically and personally - in a school environment where they feel safe, supported, and valued. BIS has a comprehensive programme to address the social and emotional needs of our students, known in our school as pastoral care. A full-time Primary School Counselor and Secondary School Counseling team lead our pastoral care system by focusing on four major components.

We can’t ever forget that we are teaching humans.

Promoting a positive culture built upon dignity and respect is step one in inspiring and empowering them to achieve.

Peter Owen, Secondary School Principal

Individual student plans

BIS supports whole child development and strongly values student voice. Students, parents and guardians have the ability to work closely with their School Counselor to plan, monitor, and understand individual student growth and development.

In collaboration, our team works to support students' social and emotional development, to enhance overall well-being and academic readiness. School Counselors coordinate ongoing meetings and activities to assist students individually in establishing personal goals and developing future plans. 

Student receive in-class lessons and individual counselling support as part of our programmes..

Teaching your students how to grow and thrive emotionally is the key to a great counseling programme.
We serve our school population of diverse learners in a way that can foster growth and understanding in an ever-changing world. Growing is a choice, but not growing is also a choice.

Jessica Schneider, Primary School Counselor

Wellbeing in classroom learning and curriculum

Our team works with classroom teachers to create, implement, and deliver developmentally appropriate guidance lessons. These are designed to assist students in achieving the social-emotional skills and knowledge appropriate for their developmental level. These guidance lessons are woven throughout all levels of our curriculum and present through classroom lessons and grade level activities.

Addressing immediate concerns

School Counselors respond to the direct and day-to-day events occurring in students’ lives. These can include collaboration and consultation with parents and guardians, teachers, other in-school specialists or outside support services with parental consent. Our Counselors take a strengths-based approach to their work. Some typical issues that School Counselor help to support students and families might include friendships and peer relationships, time management and organizational skills, detracting classroom behaviours or problem solving and responsible decision making.

Connecting all resources

School Counselors connect students and families with the necessary support services which allows students to reach their full academic and social-emotional potential, if necessary also outside of our school. Additionally, school counselors continually collaborate on programme management and whole staff professional development in order to enhance the overall BIS learning environment and counseling programme support services.

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