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Primary Years (Ages 6 - 11)

Insightful questions lead to a growth mindset
Students learn to think out of the box by asking challenging questions and changing perspectives.
Empower creative thinking and problem-solving
Students work as a team to problem solve mathematical equations
Individual attention just when you need it
Grade 5 teacher coaches student while others work on their individual projects
Learn outdoors from nature
Grade 1 students building shelters from branches and twigs

Why do our Primary students love to learn?

Because they experience voice, choice and ownership of their school work.

Our Primary Years teachers inspire children to find passion and purpose in the world around them. Students are empowered to ask questions, set goals, find ways to achieve these goals, and then share this acquired knowledge and understanding with their parents, teachers and peers. 

Teacher inspires Primary School student to find her aha moment.
Teacher guides an inquiry outdoors - students explore and discover living things.

Days in our Primary School are never dull. They are filled with exploration, challenge, application of concepts and collaboration. 

A strong foundation for life-long learning

Our Primary Years curricula reflects the best of international education practices, current research on how children learn and how to best engage them. We use the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) as the starting point for our curriculum. This widely recognized programme is known to promote a strong foundation in subject content as well as cognitive abilities and social skills. It prepares young students to become critical, self-motivated and inquiring learners their whole lives.

Tool sets and project-based work

Central to our educational approach is learning through ideas and concepts that span multiple disciplines. The subjects Arts, Languages, Mathematics, Science, Physical and Health Education, and Social Studies are woven together into lessons and connected to one another.

At the same time, students build a tool set of communication, presentation and technology skills to aid them in their inquiry-based research and work. Critical skills around digital citizenship, metacognition and social competence are developed and expanded year upon year. Our students learn how to conduct research, apply their knowledge to real-life circumstances and develop resilience, essential attributes in our quickly evolving world.


Kim's original dream job was to be a police officer. But then she worked in a school to assist students with learning needs "to get some real life experience" and found her vocation. She has been a teacher since 2009.

Kim also coordinates our Primary School Student Council, providing opportunities for students to exercise their voice and planning skills for issues as diverse as Spirit Week or supporting charitable causes.

Our Primary School teacher and Primary Student Council Mentor - Kim C

Kim Conway, Primary Teacher

"When my students can explain their work to one another, putting their learning into their own words, that gives me a great sense of satisfaction and lets me know that I am successful as an educator."



Marla has been at BIS since the beginning of Primary School.

She is a member of our Primary Student Council and one of our crossing guard team, outside every morning helping her fellow students safely arrive and line up for the start of school.

Marla - student

Marla, Grade 5

"I don't know what I want to be when I grow up yet, but I am sure that BIS will help me prepare for that job and is teaching me important things. With this, I can probably be anything I want when I grow up."


For a number of years, Diana was the Primary Years Programme Coordinator at our school, a leadership position focused on curriculum development. However, she came to miss the variety of teaching, how every day is different and surprising, and stepped down to return to the classroom.

Holding a Dutch passport and married to a British national, Diana and her family have great international experience, having also lived in Indonesia, Laos and Thailand. Her children have grown up as third culture experts.

Diana - our Primary Teacher and Language Curriculum Leader

Diana van Mersbergen, Primary Teacher

"The most important thing students need to learn is that they are but a small part of an interconnected world - and that this comes with great power and great responsibility." 

Curriculum Guides

First page of the PDF file: Grade_1_Curriculum_Guide
First page of the PDF file: Grade_2_Curriculum_Guide
First page of the PDF file: Grade_3_Curriculum_Guide
First page of the PDF file: Grade_4_Curriculum_Guide
First page of the PDF file: Grade_5_Curriculum_Guide

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