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Middle Years (Ages 11 - 16)

Bring together personal skills and technology
Guest speakers share insight about work experience, life skills and the use of technology in the workplace.
Feed a love for music by learning an instrument
Every student Grades 6 - 8 learns a band instrument and performs in two concerts per year.
Celebrate achievements through many avenues
Student celebrates a good game of football with his coach; a teacher at BIS

Personal, social and academic development

Our Middle Years Programme focuses on academic challenge and the development of life skills for students at a critical phase of personal development. This programme affords students spaces to explore their interests and find their voice, while preparing for the demands of their final two years of school in the Diploma Programme. 

These years are devoted to supporting students as they define what they are good at and where they want to go into the next phase of their life journey.

We exercise creativity and flexibility in working with students and responding to their individual development.

Students laugh at a shared joke - encouraged to build confidence and motivation

At the end of Grade 10, students have completed the equivalent of first two years of high school in the United States, the GCSE years in Great Britain and Mittlere Reife in Germany. 

Connecting classroom learning to the greater world

Students in Grades 6 - 8 study English, German, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Physical Education, Design and the Arts to achieve a sound core of broad-based learning. Optional courses empower them to explore their interests and passions. Students in Grades 9 - 10 begin to narrow their course choices, with an eye to their strengths and what they need to achieve for university entrance or career goals.

Our curriculum is based on the educational practice of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. It encompasses the traditional school subjects mentioned above, while putting subject matter into global contexts. Our students are challenged to explore larger issues by connecting to relevant concepts and think beyond mere facts and figures.

MYP students appreciate their role in the greater world outside of their own personal microcosms and national perspectives. Our students are confident in their ability to affect positive change and well aware of their obligation as global citizens to do so. 

Owning it

Our MYP students are not passive consumers of facts and knowledge. Memorization is not the key to growth or success. This can be a big change and a big challenge, as students take increasing responsibility for their own learning and choices.

To support this, great emphasis in the MYP is placed on developing executive,  collaborative, critical thinking, and intercultural skills. At the same time, we value student wellbeing and support students in developing healthy lifestyle and mental health habits. This holistic approach to student development is how BIS students get to their unique highest level of achievement and personal satisfaction. And it helps to keep the fun and joy of learning alive.

Our MYP Coordinator empathizes with students

If you are interested in more information about our Middle Years Programme, please contact Cijith Jacob, MYP Coordinator.

BIS is proud to be a 'Leading MYP eAssessment School'. Our success, as one of the pioneering schools to introduce our Grade 10 students to online exams.

In Ready for Change, we are delighted to share our story. 


Like many of our students, Virginia is a "third culture kid” with an American mother and Irish father and having grown up in the United Kingdom. This is why she feels at home in International Schools. She has been a teacher in 2008.

In addition to teaching at BIS, Virginia also works with our Equality Alliance to advocate for, and be an ally to, historically marginalised communities and to promote Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Our Secondary English teacher

Virginia Reade, English Teacher

"What our students need now are consistency, resilience and empathy. They have been so disrupted the last couple of years. We need to help our students develop skills that will create a better world than that which we have provided them." 


As a Design teacher, Rick is able to draw on more than 20 years of work experience as a carpenter and builder of musical instruments before earning his teaching certificate and Masters in Education.

Design gives students hands-on, practical experience with tools starting with hammers and saws and leading to 3-D printers. Our Design lab is also open during lunch and after school. Students may stop by if they need extra time for their assignments, or if they just love to work with their hands.

Rick K - our Design teacher in our Maker Space

Richard Kennedy, Design Teacher


"When a student is visibly proud of what they’ve created, you know they have learned something."


Curriculum Guides

First page of the PDF file: Grade_6_Curriculum_Handbook_2022-2023
First page of the PDF file: Grade_7_Curriculum_Handbook_2022-2023
First page of the PDF file: Grade_8_Curriculum_Handbook_2022-2023
First page of the PDF file: Grade_9_Curriculum_Handbook_2022-2023
First page of the PDF file: Grade_10_Curriculum_Handbook_2022-2023

Mittlere Reife (Schulabschluss)

BIS students may choose to have their eAssessment results recognized as an equivalent to the Mittlere Reife in Germany. In order to convert these to the Mittlere Reife, BIS students must present their results to school authorities in Cologne.

Bezirksregierung Köln - Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle
Zeughausstrasse 2-10
50606 Köln

Tel: 0221-147-2467

All requirements to fulfill the criteria for the Mittlere Reife are met in the compulsory BIS programme. Outlined below you can find the definitive version in German.

Annerkennung des “Middle Years Programme” (German)

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