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Academic Support

Some kids need a bit more support at school, so we have extra teachers to help these students long and short term.

Support every student to reach their potential

Sometimes students need extra support in the classroom. This may be due to a specific educational need or because a student does not yet speak English well enough to meaningfully participate in lessons. For each of these cases, we have teams of experienced, compassionate educators who support these students with their individual challenges.

Embracing diverse needs and inclusion

Students are supported by our team to reach their individual goals

Our Learning Support Programme is designed to empower students with diverse educational needs to become confident, independent learners. This team works  to uncover the unique potential and gifts of each student, and fully embraces diversity and inclusion in our school. Inclusion reflects the wider world we live in, and fosters compassion for all. Partnership between parents and teachers is essential, and guide the best practice of our team.

BIS provides a full spectrum of learning support to eligible students, including those with mild, moderate or intensive needs, within a school-wide intervention system. Admission to the Learning Support Programme is dependent upon maintaining balanced classes and the availability of resources. 

To determine the proper level of educational support, parents provide a psycho-educational evaluation indicating areas of need. Following this, our Learning Support teachers create an individual learning plan based on the results of this evaluation and other supporting documentation. The learning plan may include small group instruction, in-class support and/or one-to-one instruction.

Scaling up English language skills

Many of our students come to BIS with little or no ability to speak English. Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme helps students to develop the language skills needed to participate in a mainstream classroom. When students join our school, our EAL teachers assess each student's needs to determine the type and level of support required.

Small group of students listening to a teacher

Success for me is when students start applying what we’ve studied and practised in class. Especially in language acquisition, we often understand vocabulary and structures while reading and listening before we can produce them ourselves. I always get excited when I see students actively use new vocabulary in their speaking and writing.

Brynna Larsen, English as an Additional Language and English Teacher

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