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Early Learning

Ages 3 - 6

Where our youngest students fall in love with learning.


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Primary Years

Ages 6 - 11

An inquiry based education that empowers independent learners with foundation skills and knowledge to grow.


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Middle Years

Ages 11 - 16

Focus on academic challenge and life skills for students at a critical phase of personal development.


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Diploma Years

Ages 16 - 18

Key to positioning students for university success and defining career and life paths. 


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Graduation Statistics

University and Careers

Students benefit from extensive guidance and preparation to find the "right fit" future for them.


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Co-Curricular Programme

Opportunities to succeed, make new friends and explore unique talents. Our programme spans from the arts to sports, languages, debated and more.


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Social and Emotional Wellbeing

A comprehensive programme to address the social and emotional needs of our students. Students thrive best where they feel safe, supported, and valued.


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Academic Support

Embracing diverse needs and inclusion - sometimes students need extra support.


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