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School Fees

Access the best resources to thrive
Our school subscribes to countless online databases and libraries to offer a platform where students thrive
Benefit from individual support
Teacher supports students learning as a pair to support their individual growth
Practical skills to enrich your learning journey
Product Design teaches students in Grades 6-10 the comprehensive design process  with traditional and digital ools
Express yourself and your ideas
Student presenting his ideas during TEDx Youth @BIS

Bonn International School is a not-for-profit, self-supporting association financed 100% by school fees paid by our parents or organizations supporting them.

BIS does not receive any public subsidies for its daily operations or personnel costs.

Included in school fees

School day trips

School day trips

because trips add depth to what our students learn in the classroom

iPads Early Learning - Grade 7

iPads Early Learning - Grade 7

because students need to learn the responsible use of technology from a young age


Extensive university and careers advisory

Extensive university and careers advisory

because getting into first-choice universities takes time and planning 

Counseling services

Counseling services

because students sometimes need extra support to thrive and realize their potential

English language development

English language development

because our students need to become proficient in English quickly


Access to science, design and Apple computer labs

Access to science, design and Apple computer labs

because hands-on lab work connects theory to practice


Books, instruments and learning materials

Books, instruments and learning materials

because students need the appropriate resources to learn and grow


Alumni Programme News and Events

Alumni Programme News and Events

because we want our families to stay connected even after they move on


School lunch and PE uniform are not included in school fees. Additional fees may incur according to the activities of each child, or should a child have special educational needs (see Learning Support Fees below). 

Starting in Grade 1, school fees may be tax-deductible in Germany up to a certain amount per child per year. Please consult a tax advisor regarding applicability in individual cases.


BIS has a Financial Assistance Programme to support families who are unable to pay school fees and can demonstrate financial need. Our Financial Assistance Policy has recently been revised and changed in accord with the expectations of the State of NRW.  Inquiries regarding financial assistance information and applications should be sent to our Admissions Office.


Indigo joined BIS in Grade 1 after living in Thailand. Her family originates from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Indigo and her younger brother, also at BIS, are involved in many areas of student life. From our annual theatre production to Model United Nations, Student Council, swimming and football, they take advantage of many opportunities to cooperate and grow with fellow students.

Our Secondary Student Indigo

Indigo E, Secondary Student

"Our school strength is our inclusivity and internationalism. We have students from all around the world. This is a huge strength as the students learn how to communicate with other people different to themselves in respectful ways."


TaRaea's motivation to become a teacher was to address shortfalls she saw within educational systems. Not content with the status quo, she is moved to be part of the solution to make schools better places to learn and grow.

Mother of two boys in our Early Learning Programme, TaRaea is American, married to a German-Mexican, has taught for nine years and is known to be an excellent barrista.

TaRae - Our Primary Teacher

TaRaea Todtenhofer, Primary Teacher

"At school and in life we should focus on our progress and not perfection. Learning is a life-long journey so we should appreciate the journey and the milestones we pass along the way."


In 2015, Karen and her family joined BIS. She has been an active community member since arrival, as a Parent Volunteer and head of our Welcome Family Programme and now as a member of our Board of Trustees.

Part of what makes BIS truly unique for Karen is the support of the whole community for the teaching and the philosophy of the school. Her community involvement is a natural extension of this support and shows her appreciation of the benefits of a strong home/school partnership.

Board of Trustees - Development Chair

Karen Williams, Parent

"From the market project in Grade 3 to the Theory of Knowledge course in Grade 12 (and everything in between!), I am constantly surprised about how BIS challenges my children time and again to think differently, work independently and see the world through diverse perspectives."



Before joining BIS, Sarah taught in US middle and high schools. She also traveled quite a bit, with more than 25 different countries stamped in her passport.

While Sarah is most often seen in our Science labs brewing up experiments, she is also a talented writer and spends her free time writing fantasy fiction for young adults.


Our Chemistry and Science Teacher

Sarah Pierce, Chemistry and Science Teacher

"They say “if you can’t do it, teach it”, but I can promise you that the opposite is true. Teaching requires the highest, most comprehensive understanding of a given topic or field, and that’s what I see in my colleagues every day: excellence in their practice and in their subjects."



Steve is British/German and and has three kids at BIS in our Secondary School. He works on aviation environmental protection strategy and has served on our Board of Trustees since 2019.  

The Arrowsmiths chose BIS because of welcoming, warm and inclusive atmosphere where their children would feel at home.

Board of Trustees - Policy and Governance Committee

Steve Arrowsmith, Parent

"BIS has given our family a great insight into the varied nationalities and cultures that call Bonn their home. The IB curriculum has quite positively influenced the development of our children."



Monisha is the mother of two Primary students, both of whom started in our Early Learning Programme. Her children say that they love going to school and that the lunch in the cafeteria is fantastic - it should have a Michelin star :)

Monisha values inquiry-based education as the best way to foster the natural curiousity of children, and their individual strengths.

Monisha - Primary School parent

Monisha Saldanha, Parent

"Our experience has been that the BIS environment supports each child to do their very best, whatever their level of ability or aspiration."

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