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Under the motto "Giving students the tools they need to lead", the TEDxYouth program was created to enable young people to learn new skills, gain confidence, share their ideas and to join in the TED global experience.

TEDxYouth@BIS started in 2011 and has established itself as a highly-anticipated annual event. Each of these seven events has had a special theme, ranging from "Small Ideas Leading to Big Change" in 2012 to "Acceptance" in 2015 and "Who Cares?" in 2016. The topic for 2019 was "I Stand For.......".

Through TEDx at BIS,  our students have the freedom - and responsibility - of managing this event from start to finish.  Faculty advisors provide guidance and frameworks through which organizational teams and groups of speakers prepare for the annual event.  Through our mentorship program, veteran speakers and organizers work with small groups of newcomers to provide guidance and feedback. Students can engage as speakers, event organizers, marketers, photographers or as general support team members.

The TEDxYouth@BIS website serves as an archive for past events and marketing for upcoming events. Check out this site for more details.