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Our Teachers

Enjoy working together
Staff collaborate and share expertise
...and playing together
BIS staff & alumni having fun together
Empower individual growth and interests
Teacher helping a child choose a book to support his interests and passions
Unite through shared values
Teachers celebrate Diwali - group dressed in traditional costume
Share talents, passions and enthusiasm
Students learn an instrument in class from early Primary School

BIS teachers love the buzz of the classroom and unlocking the potential in each of their students. Teaching can be challenging, but our teachers would not want to be anywhere else than the classroom.

As an International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) World School and the most experienced IB school in our region, BIS attracts motivated teachers who wish to continually grow as educators and innovators. Our teachers are highly-trained for their subjects, many with Masters or PhD degrees. 

Our teachers - hand selected for their experience and qualifications

Many are seen as educational thought leaders within the larger teaching community; they lead workshops, publish articles and train other teachers.

Our faculty engage in continuous professional development and embrace the idea of life-long learning for themselves as well as their students. 

How do our teachers describe themselves?



Mr Eike (as he is known to his students) has taught a number of different grade levels in our Primary School. This year he has a class of Grade 3 students .

In addition to his family, Eike loves going fast on his bike, science, anything notebooks and chocolate!  

Our Primary Teacher in active discussion with students

Eike Gerhard, Grade 3 Teacher

"One of the things I enjoy the most about teaching is that I get to spend so much time with my students, to hear their questions and ideas about the world. We often find ourselves knee deep in some philosophical exploration of the world in which I learn just as much as my students."


Tajana brings a wealth of educational and work experience into the classroom each day. This insight benefits our Diploma students as they develop their Maths skills and conceptualization, and how these can be applied to possible careers.

Tajana is also a talented athlete, having played on the Croatian national handball team. She can be found week nights playing basketball with our sports association team.

Our Secondary Maths Teacher -Tajana

Tajana Vesligaj, Mathematics Teacher

"I started my work career as a professor of Maths and Computer Science and then worked in other industries. I circled back to teaching Maths at BIS because of the satisfaction that I only feel working with young people. When a student tells me that I made a difference in a positive way, it is the best feeling in the world."


At BIS for more than 10 years, Cijith and his wife Geena, a Primary School teacher, are true BIS Dragons as are their two daughters.

Cijith is passionate about the International Baccalaureate Programmes and skills it promotes in students. He is equally passionate about music, as a teacher, pianist and conductor. While Cijith loves BIS, he admits to moving to Bonn just to live in Beethoven's home town.

Our Middle Years Curriculum Coordinator checking in with students during study period

Cijith Jacob, Middle Years Programme Coordinator

"Subject knowledge and understanding change over time, so the skills learned in school are of paramount importance. Self management, communication, social,  research skills and analytical skills need to be nurtured methodically from a young age."



Wendy's dedication to helping individual students find their strengths extends beyond the classroom. She leads our Odyssey of the Mind Club, an after school activity. This club focuses on creative problem-solving program where team members solve a predefined long-term problem and present their solution to the problem at a competition.

When not at BIS, Wendy can be found with out walking with her beloved dog.

Wendy - Primary School teacher

Wendy Weisbart, Primary Teacher

"Although educational research is continuously changing for best practices, the most important thing is to get to know our students, develop a relationship with them, make them feel appreciated and part of the community. Students are more likely to learn when they feel safe and valued. Without this, teaching and learning will not be nearly as successful."



Before joining BIS, Sarah taught in US middle and high schools. She also traveled quite a bit, with more than 25 different countries stamped in her passport.

While Sarah is most often seen in our Science labs brewing up experiments, she is also a talented writer and spends her free time writing fantasy fiction for young adults.


Our Chemistry and Science Teacher

Sarah Pierce, Chemistry and Science Teacher

"I chose to be a teacher because of the teachers I had who made an impact on me. I want to make that same impact on students. There’s nothing quite like seeing one of my students succeed. My proudest moments are when they go above and beyond my expectations."


Teachers Coach Sports or Lead Activities

of our teachers coach a sport or lead an activity


Our faculty understands the importance of giving students opportunities to develop and express themselves outside of the classroom.



of Staff Walk or Bike to Work


of staff walk or bike to work


Our faculty models the healthy habits they work to instill in their students. Plus, Bonn is easy to navigate and many bike paths lead to school.


Years Average Faculty Length of Tenure

6.5 Years

average length of teacher tenure


Our faculty is a healthy mix of experienced teachers and those newer to the professional who bring new impulses into the classroom.


Advanced Degrees


advanced degrees


Almost half of all teachers hold Master's or other advanced degrees. While at BIS, all teachers engage in ongoing professional development to expand and refine their expertise.






While not quite as diverse as our student body, our faculty comes from six continents and brings experience from teaching in schools in their home countries and many others around the world.

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