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About Us

Thrive in a positive environment
Learn through play - teacher reads a story about disgusting worms, a passion of this small group of children
Seek and evaluate a range of perspectives
Teacher explains complex formula to students.
Express yourself and your creativity
Diploma students prepare their exhibition art portfolios and pieces for university application
Discover your strengths and passions.
Inspired students are also confident learners and develop a range of important life skills.


BIS is open to all children, ages 3 – 18, whether from the Bonn region or with international roots. We currently welcome 825 students from 80 countries and the appreciation of diverse perspectives and cultures they bring with them.


Following the International Baccalaureate curriculum allows for smooth transitions from Kindergarten to Primary School through to Secondary School and graduation after Grade 12.

Future-ready Academics

We believe that education is far more than simply working through a set of information prescribed for a certain age group.

Our students learn how to learn. In addition to a core curriculum, we develop skills and attitudes in our students empowering them to look to their futures confidently, knowing they are well-prepared for achievement and adaptable to change.

Future-ready academics means that we teach research, communication, self-management, social and executive skills as part of our curriculum.

BIS at a Glance - our Facts and Figures

Our students develop analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems. They learn independently, learn how to make decisions and can apply their knowledge and skills across a range of subject content and challenges.

Bonn International School is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in all grade levels, and proud to be one of the first schools in Germany to have earned this honour. By implementing IB programmes, BIS benefits from evolving educational best practice in more than 5000 schools across the globe.

Regular accreditation by established, respected international organizations like the International Baccalaureate Organization and the New England Council of Schools and Colleges assures families that our school provides top-quality education, is bench-marked against international standards and keeps pace with evolving educational best practice. BIS is also an associate Member School of the Council of International Schools, a community of educators shaping the future of international education.


English is our school language. A specialized team of teachers focuses on specifically supporting students who join BIS without speaking English.

German is taught in all grade levels according to different levels of proficiency, including native speakers.

Strength of Teaching

Our latest IB Diploma results of 36 average points (world average 30) are the most obvious indicator of academic achievement. 
Others might be MYP eAssessment at the end of Grade 10 with all BIS subject averages above world averages, or ISA testing results tracking student progress in core subjects like Mathematics, Reading and Writing.

These results would not be possible without the dedication and inspiration of 110 teachers from 25 countries. Our teachers are highly-qualified, many hold Masters or PhD degrees, and engage in continuing professional development. Our teachers also lead co-curricular activities or coach sports, so that they can support student development beyond a classroom setting.

Through small class sizes, our teachers know and champion each student, their interests and potential. A well-resourced campus, particularly relating to IT and STEM subjects, empower teachers and student alike with the tools they need to be successful.

School Day

Our official school day begins at 8:20 for all grade levels.  It ends between 15:15 and 15:30  depending on the grade level.
After school care on campus is available until 18:00. 
Activities (sports, arts, language schools and more) take place onsite until 19:30.


Our campus is modern, spacious and well equipped, including an excellent IT infrastructure, our own Media Centre, tournament sports halls, design rooms and labs.

Wellbeing and Community

We believe that students thrive - both academically and personally - in a school environment where they feel safe, supported, and enjoy a sense of belonging. Therefore, we focus great resources on fostering this culture of wellbeing, inclusion, and resilience.

Our Counselors and teachers partner with students at all grade levels to enhance overall wellbeing and academic readiness. We welcome students in all their diversity and work with them to find their place and reach their unique potential.

The idea of community is central to the identity of our school. Whether student, parent or staff, we are united in supporting one another to achieve our personal best … and along the way, in having fun together.


Student to Teacher Ratio

means we have 1 teacher per 8 students


With this ratio, we are able to provide individualized learning opportunities and the expertise of specialist teachers to suit a range of needs.



Students ages 3 - 18

825 Students

Early Learning - Grade 12


This level of enrolment makes BIS big enough to offer a diversity of programmes, and small enough so that every student is known.



110 Teachers

from 25 countries


Our faculty is a healthy mix of experienced teachers and those newer to the profession who bring new impulses into the classroom.



40 Languages

Spoken by our students


While English is our language of instruction and all students learn German, our students are encouraged to speak and read in their mother tongue languages. 



80 Nationalities

represented in our student body


We love this diversity and the intercultural understanding it promotes. Our students profit greatly from learning and living within a diverse community.


Years in Education

26 Years

As an International Baccalaureate World School


This legacy makes BIS the most experienced school with an International Baccalaureate curriculum in the Bonn-Cologne region.

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