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Our Alumni

High School Graduate Class of 21 outside building

I know we have been successful as a school when alumni come back to visit because BIS wasn't just a place of learning, but a place of belonging.

Peter Owen, Diploma Years Coordinator

Greetings BIS Dragons, Dragon Teachers and Dragon Parents!

Welcome home

Whether you were a student here for a few years or are one of our graduates, whether you worked here or were one of our parents, you remain a BIS Dragon even after you have moved on. Welcome back, welcome home.

We are delighted that you are back in contact, and we are curious about where life has taken you post-BIS. 

Plan your reunion

In the meantime, we support events organized independently by our Alumni. When graduates wish to organize events for 5 , 10, 15 or 20 year celebrations, we gladly support these reunions too -- whether in Bonn or elsewhere.

And we have been big plans to mark BIS 25th Anniversary Celebrations. Save the date for:

  • Saturday, 10 September 2022: Alumni Day with campus tour (15:00) and picnic with sports (16:00 -18:00)
  • Sunday, 11 September 2022, 12:00 - 15:00: Welcome BBQ XXL
  • Saturday, 22 October 2022: Oktoberfest Party

If you are a BIS Alumni (whether student, family member or teacher) and are interested in more information on any of the events above, or wish to organize a reunion for your class, please contact us under


Get in touch with your old classmates, favorite teachers, colleagues and other parents and those of us still at BIS through the BIS Alumni Association, or just catch up on our news. Joining the Alumni Association is free of charge and simply requires a setting up an account. To sign up, go to our Alumni Portal.

We support alumni reunions with merchandise and events, and sometimes special guests.
Our annual London alumni reunion is hosted every January and brings together alumni from the early 2000s to now.
London reunions bring our alumni from many years together to catch up and reconnect.
Whoop whoop! Our London reunion brought together 40 alumni from 2 decades.
Our alumni are always welcome back to campus, to see what has changed and to meet up with their former teachers.
Alumni from the Bonn American High School alumni, one of the schools which became BIS, are our alumni and welcome back!
We love nothing more than seeing our alumni, whether at our annual London event, or back on campus.
Alumni and their families came to visit us on campus to celebrate 20 years as BIS alumni.
Some parents and students stay in Bonn after graduation -- we welcome them for International Day, Welcome BBQ & other events.

Join the fun

BIS is certainly known for its fun-filled events, awesome reunion parties and cultural celebrations. This legacy of fun and community continues for BIS Alumni when they return to campus or meet elsewhere. 

Having said this, we do not have Alumni events scheduled at this time for the 2021-2022 school year. When the uncertainties around COVID travel and large-scale events have subsided, we will let our Alumni know where and when the fun can recommence. 

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