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Library Media Centre

Leave your comfort zone to try something new
Primary students have weekly time with our librarians, learn to love reading and use library resources.
Develop a love of reading, reinforce the joy of books
Student in the library looking at paper books
Harness passion and enthusiasm
Our librarian is a teacher too -- and knows how to get children excited about books and reading.
Learn about online resources from an early age
Young children learning how to research
Navigate the digital world safely
Teacher supporting student with typing programme
The mission of
our BIS Library Media Centre
is to:
empower a culture of reading, 
inspire the abilities to effectively locate, evaluate and use information and 
achieve an attitude of lifelong learning.

The BIS Library Media Centre is the school’s academic hub and our largest classroom. Our highly-trained librarians cultivate a dynamic, internationally-focused collection of books and multi-media sources. They partner with classroom teachers from Early Learning to Grade 12 to integrate information, research, and technology skills into student learning. Well-resourced for a diversity of learning styles, our Library Media Centre hums with students at work, whether in regular weekly classes or working on independent projects.

The Media Centre is open (on campus) every school day. In reality, our digital subscriptions, eBooks, and online databases are available 24 hours a day.  Use of the Library Media Centre and its resources is also open to parents and caregivers; please log in to the community portal in for more details. 

Evaluating information for accuracy and authenticity is increasingly critical in our society. Since digital media allows anyone to publish anything, the ability to think critically about what we read and watch cannot be understated.

 Cindy Rogers, Teacher Librarian

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