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After School Care

Enjoy our outdoor spaces and age-appropriate playgrounds
Children playing in the playground after school - programme available until 18:00
Take time to ponder possibilities
Young boy experimenting
Get energized and have fun
Child bouncing outdoors

BIS offers an on-site, quality after school child care service every school day from 15:20 – 18:00 for all students in Early Learning 3/4 – Grade 5. 

The after school child care service, known as Kidz Klub, is staffed by qualified and experienced staff who supervise students and offer play opportunities. They also offer a variety of arts, craft and drama activities in which students may choose to participate (or not). In addition, there is a quiet room where students can sit to work on homework or read quietly.

Special events such as storytelling or gardening afternoons also take place through the year. These are advertised in advance in the Newsflash. 

Kidz Klub offers three kinds of child care arrangements:

Regular Child Care

for students who attend Kidz Klub on specific days of the week throughout the school year. These students are registered in advance for the entire school year and attend on a regular basis.  

Intermittent Child Care 

for students who require child care on a short-term planned basis. Sign up must be completed by 15:00 of the day when childcare is required.

Holiday Child Care 

available via the BISSV Camps also offered on our school campus.

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Important to note:

In order to take advantage of the after school child care service, students must be members of the BISSV (Bonn International School Sport Verein). Membership costs € 90 per school year. If students are already members of BISSV, this cost will not apply. If students join BISSV to take advantage of the after school care service, this membership also entitles them to take advantage of all the other benefits that BISSV offers. When signing up for child care, your child will automatically be signed up for BISSV if they are not already a member and the cost of this will be included on your first Kidz Klub invoice. 

If you have any information related to your child that you wish to share with Kidz Klub staff, please email Poonam Srivastava at Kidz Klub. If you have any general questions or feedback about Kidz Klub, please email Jo Junglas, Head of Student Services and Operations.