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Adult Programme

Sports for adults are open to all BIS staff and parents as well as Bonners age 18 and up.

Let's get moving: be active & have fun

Recreational sessions for each sport take place one evening per week in the BIS Sports Hall. We may add new sports or activities according to demand so check this page for updates. At this time, we are looking into 3D printing, photography...etc.

Badminton, Basketball, Indoor Football, Volleyball

These sports are included in the basic Adult Membership fee of € 120 per year.

Yoga, Fitness/ Body-Workout, Tai-Chi and Golf

These sessions/ courses are led by an instructor with different individual timings per course/session. Additional fees for the qualified instructors apply in addition to the basic annual Adult BISSV Membership fee of € 120. Please note that BISSV Adult Membership also entitles adult athletes to participate in badminton, basketball, volleyball and indoor football for no additional cost.