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BISSV Sports Club

Our BISSV football teams play in local leagues and compete all year.
Challenge yourself
BISSV girls basketball is really fun and provides great opportunities for competition and ball skills development.
Experience the wonders of teamwork
Trainer running with child to the finishing line.
Push your limits
BISSV is our school sports association, with recreational sports for children and adults.

Bonn International School Sportverein e.V. (BISSV) offers exciting sporting opportunities to children and adults all year long. Our members are students, families and teachers at BIS as well as Bonners who love sports.

The aim of the BISSV is to develop strong connections to other sports clubs in Bonn while fostering a sense of fair play and sporting integrity through the international language of sport.

BISSV membership is open to all

Both Bonn International School families (adults and students) and members of the public are welcome to join BISSV. The basic membership fee for individuals is € 90 for students and € 120 for adults. Additional costs are incurred per sport. Information regarding the costs can be found under Articles & Scale of Fees below.

Insurance coverage by the Sporthilfe NRW is included in the BISSV membership fee and supplements individual private insurance.

BISSV may offer additional activities and sports teams as it grows. All teams are only guaranteed when a minimum number of participants is reached.

If you have questions about this club or would like to ask for more detailed information, please do not hesitate to email the BISSV office or phone +49 (0)228 - 308 54 704 or +49 (0)160 - 912 05 307.

General Information

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