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Parent Volunteers


Events, Services, Classes and network support

Our Parent Volunteers (PV) play an active, essential role within our BIS community. The PV supports and improves life at school through a variety of services and events that reflect the multicultural nature of BIS and the importance of community-building and belonging to our school culture.

All parents can join the PV (and are encouraged to do so!). It is fun and fulfilling.

PV Services and Events

The Parent Volunteers host a variety of services and events throughout the school year for both students and parents. Amongst these are:

  • parent contacts and WhatsApp groups for all grade levels
  • social / cultural events for parents, such as museum visits and learning about public transportation
  • English and German language classes for parents who seek support learning the languages of our school and host country
  • monthly workshops introducing parents to the skills of others within our community, from photography to crafts
  • educational workshops in conjunction with the BIS Counseling team to address social and emotional issues most important to our community
  • dances for both Primary and Secondary students
  • our annual Halloween Trunk or Treat
  • International Day, an event celebrating global cuisine and the wonderful cultural diversity at BIS
  • staff appreciation events

Importantly, PV also runs the Dragon's Cafe which feeds and waters student athletes from BIS and visiting teams during tournaments at school, a huge and most-appreciated undertaking.

Welcome Family Programme

The Welcome Family Programme connects families new to BIS and Bonn to current families with a similar cultural background and/or children of the same age. Volunteer families act as welcoming contacts who offer support and guidance.

When new families are registered at the school, they will be contacted by our Admissions Office to see if they are interested in this service. If so, they will be contacted by the Welcome Family team to complete a survey to help them match to an appropriate volunteer family. This family will in turn support them during their transition to BIS and their new home city.

Whether you are new here and wish to have a smooth transition, or wish to support our new families, as someone who feels they know their way around, please feel free to get in touch.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Welcome Family coordinators.