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Alumni Reunions in Photos

Check out some of the reunions our Alumni attended in the recent years.

Reunions at Bonn International School

Were you at BIS? As a student, parent or teacher? Our Alumni are scattered all over the world - attending school, developing their careers, founding families, pursuing their dreams - and yet still connected to and curious about their former school and the amazing people they met during their time in Bonn.

BIS would like to keep in touch with the school's Alumni - whether you were a student here for a few years or are one of our graduates, whether you worked here or were one of our parents - via our Alumni Programme. This growing, mobile community would like to include you, know how and where you are, what you are doing, hear your story or help you get in touch with members of the network of the greater global BIS community.

Alumni are invited to send an email to our Development Office to join the Alumni Programme. Alumni who sign up receive newsletters about events and people at school, as well as invitations to annual and one-off events.

Our main route of communication is through email and the closed @BISBonnAlumni Facebook page where alumni can contact each other, post their news and find out about what is going on back in Bonn.

To stay in touch with BIS, Like our Bonn International School Facebook page or follow us on LinkedIn.

We hope to hear from you!

Alumni Events

Our main Alumni event is centred around International Day in June of each year. Alumni gather during this event to socialize, tour the campus and visit with their friends. Other activities that weekend may include visiting a local beer garden or sporting match.

As BIS Alumni can also be found in the four corners of the world, we endeavor to support events abroad when the opportunity presents itself. Our Director hosts an event in London every January for drinks and dinner and may plan events in cities she visits while on school business. When graduates wish to organize events for 5 , 10, 15 or 20 year celebrations, we gladly support these reunions too -- whether in Bonn or elsewhere.

If you are a BIS Alumni (whether student, family member or teacher) and are interested in attending any of the events above, or wish to organize a reunion for your class, please contact us at the BIS Development Office.