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Local Clubs and Activities

Please find here a compiled list of local sports clubs and activities available near school. This list highlights places frequented by our community and is not comprehensive.

Please be advised that these clubs are not associated with BIS or BISSV in any way and this information has been provided to BIS by recommendation from various people in the BIS Community. 

Please contact these Clubs (Vereins) directly for any questions about membership, fees, etc. 

Art (Kunst)

Painting courses and workshops for children in Godesberg

Burgstraße 83 a-b, Bonn Bad Godesberg

In Bonn 



Baseball next to BIS (Bonn Capitols)


Basketball in Bad Godesberg - BG Bonn 92 

Telekom Baskets

Dance (Tanzen​)

Dance studios recommended by our BIS community

Owners: Tina Vasilaki – Fernando Moraga

Address: Mittelstr. 12, D-53175

               Bonn Bad Godesberg

Languages: German, English, Greek, Spanish

Tel: 0228. 2404. 2704

Mobil: 0176. 3203. 3298



Football (Fußball)

Sports Clubs that offer football 

Bonn Plittersdorf:  

Bonn Friesdorf: 

Gymnastics (Turnen)

Godesberger Turnverein 1888 eV

Gymnastics for ages 3 and up, waiting lists for courses

Languages: German and most leaders speak some English 

Hockey (Field Hockey)

BTHV (Tennis & Hockey)

Horse Riding (Reiten)

Pecher Tierscheune in Pech (Wachtberg)

Offers: pony riding lessons, birthday parties, camps


Judo in Bad Godesberg - Godesberger Judoclub 

Starting ages 6 and up on weekdays

Parent and child judo, ages 4 and up on Saturdays


Bonn Mehlem, for age 5 up 

Shotokan karate in Bonn Poppelsdorf 

Music lessons/school (Musikschulen )

Learn how to play an instrument and more German at the same time!

Musikschule Emotion Bonn (several locations)

Marios Musikschule (with a branch in Godesberg)

Scouting (Pfadfinder)

Sewing (Nähen)

Sewing courses and  workshops for kids and adults 



SSF Bonn (Swimming)

(SSF offerings a lot of other sports, please have a look on their website)


BTHV (Tennis & Hockey)

Track and Field (Athletics)

LAV Bad Godesberg (Track & Field, Running)


SV Wachtberg

Other Activities in German (Aktivitäten auf Deutsch)

Deutsches Museum Bonn (Ahrstraße 45, within walking distance from BIS)

offers workshops for parents and children age 4 and up on Saturdays and Sundays.


Adventure club

Abenteuer Lernen eV in Bonn-Beuel

An „adventure club“ for kids. The focus lies on outdoor activities, discovering and creating  

Workshops, weekend activities, camps, ages 6 and up


Aloisius Kolleg​

Aloisius Kolleg (AKO) in Bad Godesberg offers a range of activities (e.g. archery, first aid, arts and crafts, playing in the forest), lessons, workshops and camps for children 


Carnival Dancing Troop

This is the ultimate way to integrate into the local community of Bonn/Godesberg. Join a carnival dancing troop and not only train but join in cultural activities throughout the year and take part of the annual Carnival parade in Bad Godesberg.

Ages 0-14

Allgemeine Karnevalsgesellschaft Prinzengarde 1947 e.V. (AKP)

Training time:

Friday, 16:30-17:30, Nikolaus Cusanus Gymnasium 

Gotenstraße 50, 53175 Bonn

For any questions call Melina Hengstler

+49 173 1985846

Instagram: kuk_prinzengardegodesberg

(BIS Parent Contact Info for Additional Information

Audrey Ewert: email )

Haus der Familie​

Haus der Familie (a community centre) offers various courses and activities for families as well as Language Courses, Baby sitting course and summer activities for children

Friesenstraße 6, 53175 Bonn