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Homework+ Clubs

The BIS Faculty provide the following academic support to secondary students after-school. 


Homework Supervision (Grades 6 -10)

Drop-in or regular attendance homework supervision.

Provided by Ms Miletic  - Wednesday afternoons 15.45 - 16.30. Room A1.41


Drop-in session for DP Chemistry (Grades 11-12)

Provided by Ms Fueckel and Ms Pierce. Thursdays. 15.30 - 16.60 Room: C408


Drop In MYP Maths  (Grades 6-10)

Provided MYP maths teachers. Thursdays 15.45- 16.45 Learning Centre C402 


Drop in session  Learning Support for Learning support students (Grades 6-10)

Provided by member of the Learning Support team. Thursdays 15.45- 16.45 Learning Centre  C402


Drop-in Open Art Studio (G6-10)  

Provided by Mr Widder. Mondays 15.30 -16.30. Room: A2.80


Drop-in Design Technology (G6-12)

Provided by Mr Ille and Mr Förderer.  Room: Waves 163/DT Lab