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CC Sign Up Guide


26 August 2021

Co-Curricular Programme:

How to sign-up for activities and sports


Note: The system will show all activities and sports are ‘free’. Many do though have a fee associated and this information is provided in the choice description.

For more information on academic homework/drop-in support sessions and private language and music lessons -  please see the end of this guide.

Navigating the Sign-Up System

1.     Please log in to the school website:

2.    Please click on the green online sign up button, please note that if you are using a mobile phone, the button is located at the bottom of the page.

3.    Please click : “Login with your Managebac “, and log in with your Managebac credentials (If you have any issues with accessing Managebac, please email

If this is the first time you log in to the system, it will ask you to authenticate and give it access to your Managebac account.

4.     You can find the sign-up page for different sign up containers under “Available Signups”. Click on the “ View all ” , to see the full list of available open containers

If your child is in the Primary School for:

  • After-school activities go to the ‘Fall Season after-school activities including BISSV’ container (Preference Based)
  • Lunchtime activities go to ‘Whole School Lunchtime Activities’ container (Instant Book)

If your child is in the Secondary School for:

  • After-school activities go to ‘Secondary After-School Activities including BISSV’ container  (Instant Book).
  • Lunchtime activities go to ‘Whole School Lunchtime Activities’ container (Instant Book).

Preference Based Sign up:

Once you open the “Fall Season after-school activities and sports” container you will see the activities grouped by week days that are available to your primary school child(ren).

For each day, please select 2- 3 choices in order of preference. Please note that only one after-school activity per day will be finally approved. . As sign-up closes on 3 September at 23.59, parents will be informed by 5 September which choices were finally allocated. Approval is subject to availability and is a fair-share system

Click on each day to expand the list of available choices, once you have made all the choices, click ‘Next’.

You will then see the list of your selected choices, click ‘Submit to School’.

Please accept the Terms and Conditions and click ‘OK’

Once the sign-up period ends, you will receive an email informing you of your successful choice allocation.


Instant Book Containers (Whole School Lunchtime Activities/Secondary After-School Activities including BISSV/Whole School Lunchtime Activities’).

The Instant Book Container is a first-come, first-served booking system. Students can choose more than one after-school activity per day i.e. on Mondays have Play Rehearsal from 15.34-17.00 and then JV Girls Volleyball from 17.15 - 19.00. When booking choices, the system will warn you if there are time clashes when booking choices.

Please make sure you read the description of each activity by clicking on the information icon next to each activity

Once you have completed your choices, please click Book, and agree to the Terms and conditions.

Your slot is then immediately booked, and you will then receive a confirmation email for your confirmed choice.

If you wish to cancel an instant book, please contact the Co-Curricular Team

Note: Private Language School Lessons.

If you choose a private language school activity through the sign-up system we will pass your contact details onto the language school.  Please remember to contact the language schools directly for further information, prices and organise your contract. See tab under Co-Curricular Programme on website.

Private Music Lessons

To book ‘Private Music Lessons’ please remember to contact the music teachers directly for further information, prices and to organise your contract. See tab under Co-Curricular Programme on website.

After-School Homework and Drop-in Academic Sessions

There are a variety of after-school drop-in help sessions for secondary students staffed by various faculty members. Students attend as necessary (just turn up!). See Co-curricular Programme/Homework+ tab on website for specific details of academic support offered.