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BIS Co-Curricular Fee Structure (Except BISSV)

CC Activities and Recreational Sports run by a Paid Coach or Activity Leader will cost €50 per Season per student ( Fall/ Winter/Spring)

CC Activities and Recreational Sports that are led by volunteers are free to students.

Involvement in any trips that are associated to these activities will be voluntary and will be charged in full  to the parents. (Please see info below about travel costs for NECIS/ISAA Sports Teams, MUN Conferences, and Maths Competitions)


Co-Curricular Flagship Activities

CC Flagship Activities are activities that involve a performance for BIS School Events OR produce a product that is an essential element of the school. These activities are free to students regardless if run by a paid leader or volunteer.

CC Flagship Activities with NO FEE 

  • BIS Band
  • Yearbook
  • Whole School Play/Musical
  • BIS Primary and Secondary Choir
  • Tech Team
  • TEDx 
  • MUN - (Travel Fees apply)
  • Maths Clubs - (Travel Fees apply)


Co-Curricular NECIS/ISAA Travelling Sports and Activities

Costs for CC Travelling Sports and Activities are shared between the school and parents. 

Fee Structure for CC Travellling Sports and Activities: 

 NECIS/ISAA Team Member including Tournament Participation  

  • €275 per student/per season

NECIS/ISAA Team Member not including Tournament Participation

  • €50 per student/per season

MUN Conference Trip Fee- €275 per student/per conference 

Maths Competition Trip Fee - €175 per student/per competition

Odyssey of the Mind Trip Fee - €175 per student/per competition

Co-Curricular Seasonal or One-Off  Activities, Recreational Sports and Workshops

Throughout the year, any seasonal or one-off activities or recreational sports may have costs associated. These costs and payment details will be made known in the initial advertisement and sign-up process. 

Co-Curricular Private Pay Activities and Recreational Sports 

This includes Private Music Lessons, After School Language Schools, plus Recreational Sports and Activities that are led by external companies or individuals.   

Fees for these activities are set by the Private Activity Leader/Company. Parents pay the fees directly to the Activity Leader/Company. 

BIS only provides the facilities and assists in the initial administration of these activities. The school will not be involved in any financial or contractual matters associated with these private pay activities. 

Co-Curricular Ski Trip 

All costs associated with this trip are assumed by the students. The total costs are divided equally between the students. These costs and payment details will be made known in the initial advertisement and sign-up process.