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Clone of Extracurricular Programme

At BIS we offer our students a comprehensive Extracurricular Programme to broaden their interests and talents, as well as given them new avenues to experiment, succeed and make new friends. Our EC Programme divides into Extracurricular Sports, Extracurricular Activities and the Bonn International School Sport Verein.

EC Traveling Sports Teams are all competitive sports teams for Grade 5 – 12. During the season teams train 2 or 3 times per week and play games on most Fridays and Saturdays. Games are at BIS or at another International School in Northern Europe. Students join the team for the season by first participating in the tryouts at the beginning of each season. More information is on the EC Sports Page.

EC Activities encompasses all non-sporting activities and non-competitive sports. For example: choirs, MUN, TEDx, History Club, dance, private instrument lessons. 

BISSV is an additional organisation that allows the extended community to participate in sporting activities and compete in local leagues. Both adults and children can join. Children also benefit from camps during school holidays.

Kidz Klub provides after school child care for students in Early Learning - Grade 5. This child care is on site, fee-based and goes until 18:00 during school term. In order to take advantage of the after school child care service, students must be members of the BISSV (Bonn International School Sport Verein). 


Link:  EC Activities Overview Semester 2 (15 January to 22 June, 2018)

The Extracurricular Programme timetable provides a detailed overview of activities offered each week day. This list is subject to change. The link above is an example of what a typical weekly offering of EC activities looks like. The activities for fall 2018 will posted soon after the start of the school year.  

If you wish to see the activities available to each of your children, please go to the EC & BISSV Sign-up. This programme allows you to view all the activities your child may sign-up for and participate in during the sign-up period.

To sign-up for the EC Programme and BISSV please go here:  EC & BISSV Sign-up page

To help you sign up, please refer to the The EC & BISSV Sign-up Guide on how to sign-up for activities. 

The EC and BISSV Programme Handbook will be available soon. For any questions please contact

Extracurricular Sports Teams 

Extracurricular Activities

After School Kidz Klub  


To sign-up for the EC Programme, Kidz Klub or BISSV please select either the "Kidz Klub Sign-up" or the “EC & BISSV Sign-up” button on the My Portal landing page, or select this option from the Extracurricular Programme dropdown menu. To help you understand how to sign-up for activities, please refer to the EC & BISSV Sign-up Guide