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Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, we follow these lunchtime procedures:

  • Students and staff members may choose meals provided by our caterer, or alternatively bring their own food from home. Aramark (, our onsite caterer, uses fresh, local products within a 6 week rotating menu. 
  • The menu offers choice between two warm meals (vegetarian and meat based) and a salad or bowl based meal.
  • All lunches are pre-plated and covered with a lid. 
  • Students wear masks when queuing to pick up their lunches.
  • Grade levels have designated tables where they sit to eat their lunch. Students eat at the same table every day, so that contacts may be documented and traced. 
  • Children who bring a lunch from home should bring their own crockery and cutlery, as these are not available in the cafeteria at this time.
  • Primary School Procedures

  • Secondary School Procedures


The kiosk is open on school days 12:50 - 13:35 during Secondary School lunch. It offers individual items such as small salads, sandwiches, fruit cups, and drinks.  

Please note:

  • the kiosk is cash free and all purchases must be made via a preloaded ID card.
  • the kiosk will no longer be open in the mornings before school starting 7 September.

Contact, Advice and Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please address these directly with our Aramark On-Site Manager, Herr Brodam.

Phone: (0228) 30854610
Office hours: Mondays – Fridays 8:00 - 10:00 & 14:00 – 16:00