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Bonn International School Sportverein

Dear Parents and BISSV members,

We are very happy to announce that we plan to restart some BISSV student activities from Tuesday, 2 June onwards until end of June 2020.

Due to the current situation and the government guidelines in place, we are only able to offer outdoor activities to a very small number of participants at any one time. The activities that we offer also need to be planned in a way that allows us to maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines at all times.

As a result, we will be unable to offer our ‚regular‘ training sessions, but are working on a schedule that will offer all of our student members the opportunity to participate in one 30 - 40 minute skills and fitness session with 5 - 8 team mates once a week.

All members will receive more detailed information and instructions on how to sign up for the session of your choice at the start of next week. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reinstate the adult activity sessions at this time, as schools are currently not permitted to allow their facilities to be used for anything other than regular lessons. 

We are, however, planning to offer a morning Yoga and Fitness lessons outdoors if there is enough interest from our adult members. Again, a more detailed email will be sent out early next week. 

Currently we still plan to run the upcoming BISSV Summer Camp (multi-activity) from 29 June - 17 July 2020, pending the approval of the local government and health authorities.

We will inform you as soon as possible if we are unable to run the camps due to continuing social distancing measures. 

With my very best wishes to you and many thanks for your continued patience, understanding and support.

With thanks



Bonn International School Sportverein e.V. (BISSV) is a partner to our school in offering additional exciting sporting opportunities to children and adults. Our members are students, families and teachers at BIS as well as Bonners who love sports.

The aim of the BISSV is to develop strong connections to other sports clubs in Bonn while fostering a sense of fair play and sporting integrity through the international language of sport.

BISSV membership is open to all

Both Bonn International School families (adults and students) and members of the public are welcome to join the BISSV. The basic membership fee for individuals is € 70 for students and € 100 for adults. Additional costs are incurred per sport. Information regarding the costs per sport and an application for membership can be found under Articles & Scale of Fees structure or on the EC & BISSV Online sign-up system.

A one time registration fee of € 30 will be charged for new members. Insurance coverage by the Sporthilfe NRW is included in the BISSV membership fee and supplements individual private insurance.

Parents of BISSV members are expected to organize the transport of their children to and from all practices, games and/or events.

BISSV is continually growing and offering additional sports and teams. All teams are only guaranteed when a minimum number of participants is reached.

If you have questions about this club or would like to ask for more detailed information, please do not hesitate to email the BISSV office or phone 0228-308 54 704 or 0160-91205307.