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General Information


BISSV Activity Overview 2021-2022

BISSV Articles 

BISSV Satzung 

BISSV Scale of Fees (2021-2022)

BISSV Gebührenordnung (2021-2022)

Registration & Sign up Information for Students and Adults Plus Externals (Students & Adults)

Sign-up for all BISSV activities will be open the entire school year. BISSV registration is open for BIS and Non-BIS students/adults.

The Sport fees will be invoiced by email once your activity choice has been confirmed. 

If you have general questions or concerns about your membership or any aspect of our BISSV Sports Programme please feel free to contact me at


SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS for BIS Students and BIS Parents

To sign-up as a parent for student BISSV activities please go the the CC Online Sign-up page on the BIS website under Co-Curricular Programme or under My Portal (once you are logged in).

If you want to sign up for yourself as a current BIS parent for an Adult BISSV activity, please get in touch with the BISSV Club Coordinator first under, as you are not able to sign up through the system for yourself. 


SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS for External Students or Adults 

If you are not part of the BIS Community and wish to join our BISSV activities for students and/or adults, please apply for you credentials. However please get in touch first with the BISSV Club Coordinator under to check availability and further details.

External member request (students & adults BIS-Non-BIS)