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Adult Programme (BIS & Non-BIS Parents)

Recreational Badminton, Basketball & Indoor Football for adults

• Open to adult members (BIS and non BIS parents/adults).

• Recreational sessions for each sport (Monday Football, Tuesday Badminton and Thursday Basketball) take place one evening per week from 19:00-21:00 in the BIS Sports Hall.

• The opportunity to participate in all recreational activities at BIS is included in the basic Adult Membership fee of € 100 per year (except sessions with instructor like Yoga and Fitness).


Yoga, Afterwork-Fitness Workout for adults 

• Open to adult members (BIS and non BIS parents/adults).

• Evening session for different sport activities from 19:00-20:00 (Mondays Yoga, Wednesdays Afterwork-Fitness) lead by a instructor will be offered per week with a total of 15-20 weeks throughout the year (additional fees for the qualified instructors will apply and the basic Adult BISSV membership fee of € 100 per year is required. Please note, that your BISSV adult membership also entitles you to participate in all our recreational evening sports activities all year long).

• BISSV is constantly working on adding new activities for adults, either sport or non-sport (e.g. ballroom dancing, 3D printing, Zumba). Stay tuned for updated activities in 2021/22