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Greetings BIS Dragons, Dragon Teachers and Dragon Parents!

Welcome home

Whether you were a student here for a few years or are one of our graduates, whether you worked here or were one of our parents, you remain a BIS Dragon even after you have moved on. Welcome back, welcome home.

"Once a Dragon, always a Dragon"

We are delighted that you are back in contact, and we are curious about where life has taken you post-BIS. 

Join our BIS Alumni Association to (re)connect with your old classmates, favorite teachers, colleagues and other parents and those of us still at BIS. Joining is free of charge and simply requires a setting up the account below. This should take you less than 5 minutes.

What does the BIS Alumni Association offer?

  • Invitations and information to events, both on campus and at locations around the world (remember how fun BIS parties are?)
  • Support for reunions, either hosting them on campus or providing BIS merchandise (Dragon beanies and the like)
  • Log in to our Alumni Directory page for opportunities to network, be it with old friends, people now living in your part of the world or working in your industry
  • Opportunities to give back to BIS by helping students with career advice, mentoring and job placement
  • Digitialized yearbooks with plenty of pictures from the good old days

Our Alumni can also stay connected by following BIS on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Alumni Portal

We are in the midst of creating an Alumni Portal just for you. When it opens, you will be able to page sign up for unique services only available to our alumni. You will be able to page through yearbooks and make your own posts telling us about your career, family milestones or moves around the world.

Visit this page again in August 2022 for an update on our Alumni Portal. 

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