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How to Apply

How to apply to Bonn International School

You can apply to join Bonn International School at any time during the year. Although it is not always possible to guarantee immediate entry, we will inform you when your child can join us. We do accept students for enrollment during the school year, provided space is available. Please do not hesitate to contact our admissions team Marcia Wrighton or Jana Jazic with any questions you may have.

Admissions Procedure

The following admission requirements and grade placements guide admission:

  • Early Learning 3 students must be 3 years of age before they start and must be toilet trained
  • Early Learning 4 students must be 4 years of age before they start and must be toilet trained
  • Early Learning 5 students must be 5 years of age by 1 September
  • Grade 1 students must be 6 years of age by 1 September
  • Grade 2 through Grade 12 students are placed in a grade compatible with their age (using 1 September as a cut-off date guideline) and on evidence of successful completion of the preceding grade

To apply for admission to BIS, please read and complete ALL the relevant APPLICATION FORMS either online or on hard-copy in clear handwriting. Please note all forms have to be printed and signed prior to posting.

School Agreement and General Terms and Conditions - to be signed by both parents/guardians in all required places and  original copy given to the school. Appendix 6, Declaration of Consent is part of the School Agreement and must be signed and returned at the time of application.

School Recommendation Forms - Please note there are separate forms for children who enter: Early Learning to Grade 1Grade 2 to Grade 5Grade 6 to Grade 12. These need to be completed by the child's current school and forwarded directly to the Admissions Office at Bonn International School. These forms are strictly confidential.

Admissions Language Profile - to be completed by parent or guardian and returned with application forms.

Student Support Services Form - to be completed by parent or guardian and returned with application forms.

Previous School Reports - copies of school reports from the previous two years, including the most recent, are required at the time of application. All reports must be translated into English. Reports for Grade 9 and upwards must be translated by an official translator. Failure to submit reports will delay the application process.

Passport - copy of applicant’s passport (or multiple passports for those with multiple nationalities) is required at the time of application.

Admission Fee - for details of the Admission Fee, please refer to the School Fees sheet or contact the Admissions Office. This one-time fee is payable upon submission of the application and receipt of the corresponding invoice. If the student is not accepted for admission to the school, the Admission Fee will be refunded in full. No refund is made if the application is withdrawn for any other reason.

All of the above-mentioned forms, with the exception of the Grade Specific Confidential School Recommendation Form, should be sent to the Admissions Office to process your application. The completed Grade Specific Confidential School Recommendation Form should be sent directly from the previous school to our Admissions Office. Please do not send us your documents via email.  If you would like to send us your documents electronically, contact us first so we provide you with an easy and secure alternative.

Testing - applicants may be required to take admissions tests in Mathematics, English (as appropriate) and German (as appropriate).

Submission of an application does not mean that the student has been accepted. Once BIS has received a complete application, we will contact you to let you know the status of the application. BIS offers places for a new school year at the end of the month of March. Mid-year applications will be dealt with immediately.

School Visit

We welcome and encourage families to visit our school. To help relieve the pressure on families in preparing their move to the greater Bonn/Cologne area, we will schedule visits at mutually convenient times.

Your visit will provide an excellent overview of the school’s programmes and facilities and is an opportunity to have questions answered. Selecting the right school for your child is important. A visit to our school will help ensure you make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you.