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Why BIS?

BIS students achieve top PISA results in a curriculum where individual excellence flourishes

The mission of Bonn International School is to empower and inspire students to achieve their full individual potential and become responsible global citizens.
We provide an innovative, internationally-recognized education within a compassionate multicultural community.

With so many good schools in Bonn, we are often asked “Why BIS?”. Our answer:

  • BIS is the most established and experienced International Baccalaureate school in the Cologne-Bonn area.
  • Our curriculum empowers and inspires each student to achieve individual excellence through an academically challenging education.
  • We offer a full package of exceptional technology, wide range of after-school activities and sports and a beautiful river-side campus.
  • We place great emphasis on student well-being and belonging, believing they are integral to academic success.
  • Each student develops the mindset of a global citizen and the competencies to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 
  • We celebrate and profit from the diversity of the 80 nations represented in our student community.

BIS graduates confirm these strengths by attending top universities around the world. 

  • Our Class of 2020 achieved outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma results of 35 out of 45 average points, the highest ever for a BIS graduating class and far above the world average of 29.
  • 96% of the Class of 2020 sitting IB Diploma exams passed, compared to the world average of 79%.
  • As of August 2020, 68% of this class had admission to their first-choice university, with 13% awaiting confirmation. The top five country destinations: United Kingdom (47%), Germany (15%), the Netherlands (14%), USA (11%) and the Republic of Ireland (4%).

For more details, consult our Graduation Statistics and School Profile.