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I would summarize our experience by saying we are thankful. Thankful for the outstanding teachers, who go way beyond the minimum requirements and are so very committed to ensure each child reaches their potential. Thankful for the community and staff who were always there for us when we needed an extra hand. Thankful for the school curriculum which created inquisitive learners out of our kids. And thankful for the opportunity to have shared in so many memories. BIS is an amazing place....the teachers and staff....even more amazing!

BIS Parent

Parent opinions & reviews

Thoughts shared by BIS parents in our 2021 end of year survey: 

Each school year, our Leadership Team asks parents for their feedback on how the year has gone for their children and families. The survey is anonymous. Please find here direct quotes shared by our parents when asked to "tell us what is on your mind":

"What we really love about BIS is that it is an absolute safe harbour for our daughter. No room for mobbing, no space for any kind of pressure "how to behave, dress, act" ... it is a precious environment to just grow and learn. Whoever you are - wherever you come from."

"Congratulations on the work done this year. I understand how challenging it must have been for the management team and teachers to keep up with the changing instructions from the government. My daughter‘s teacher has been excellent."

"I love the mission and the way the leadership lives this mission. "

"Despite the challenges due to COVID, the entire schooling experience was smooth overall. The changes made over the past year have been significant. Positive attitudes and behavior in the workplace are the direct results of effective leadership and a positive management style."

"My son has flourished as a student at BIS. He has developed intellectual curiosity, international mindedness and really enjoys coming to school."

"I am extremely grateful for the support that BIS gave to our kids and to us since we the beginning. This education system is the best gift and investment you could give to a child."

"A big thank you to the Counsellors who really tried to look after the well being of the students which was even harder from a distance."

"Again, I am so glad we took the action and sent our daughter to BIS. It was the best decision ever, and in a stressful situation like this pandemic, this school manages to take care of the children to an almost `normal`extent - it is unbelievable. Thank you for your hard work! "

"BIS staff did very good work and still work with good strategy to achieve the goals and support the children."

"Hope to see 2021-22 as a regular school year. Thanks to the entire school team for taking good care of the students and keeping them engaged with relevant learning activities. "

Student Reflections