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I would summarize our experience by saying we are thankful. Thankful for the outstanding teachers, who go way beyond the minimum requirements and are so very committed to ensure each child reaches their potential. Thankful for the community and staff who were always there for us when we needed an extra hand. Thankful for the school curriculum which created inquisitive learners out of our kids. And thankful for the opportunity to have shared in so many memories. BIS is an amazing place....the teachers and staff....even more amazing!

BIS Parent

Alumni Reflections

Thoughts shared by BIS parents in our 2020 end of year survey: 

Each school year, our Leadership Team asks parents for their feedback on how the year has gone for their children and families. The survey is anonymous. Please find here direct quotes shared by our parents when asked to "tell us what is on your mind":

"THANK YOU for the mindful planning, strong and highly competent school LEADERSHIP and good strategies put in place to adapt to the coronavirus. This has been your finest hour!"

"We highly appreciate how the BIS staff has managed the Corona crisis: frequent information, e-learning, safe return to school ... We had also really appreciate the support of students all along the year."

"Admin and staff are ALWAYS open to communicating and trying new approaches when my child needs it! And thank you for having a social-emotional Counselor "

"We've found the school‘s Leadership Team excellent to deal with. During the Corona crisis, they have been truly exceptional! Our daughter requires learning support and, despite the wave of activities on the plate of BIS leadership, the leaders have taken time out to take with us regarding not only our immediate but mid-term needs, including their aspirations for the school and how we can collaborate so that everybody wins."

"Great environment, qualified teachers and university advisors helping students achieve their potential. "

"Committed staff, IB program, many activities outside curriculum for students and parents, BIS is the perfect package!"

"Teachers are caring, education is exceptional, resources are phenomenal, staff is welcoming ... We absolutely loved our time at BIS."

"Thank you for the great support provided to my daughters for the transition to the new system/language in BIS. At the beginning we were very concerned, then all went well. We are still in the transition, but we have seen very very big improvement. "

"No school is perfect, but the BIS team is doing everything they can do to make things happen for the students. They are really engaged and motivated. I love the respectful relationships between teachers and students. ."

"BIS is one big extended family to us. Leadership is excellent, staff is great. BIS children learn to be kind, open minded, creative and responsible world citizens."

"I like how the school continuously evolves and develops its curriculum to reflect best practice and new understandings about education. "

"I am super happy about how BIS has managed the special (COVID) situation so far. From the very beginning on, there has been a clear structure and successful distance learning. As if the students were especially prepared for a pandemic situation, they knew exactly what to do and when to do it. "

"What I've witnessed up close and personal (virtually of course!), during the lockdown, has been inspiring. I see a BIS faculty who have guided students and parents alike, through an unprecedented crisis with speed, care, competence and playfulness. The active support from teachers, including direct correspondence during evenings and weekends, always with grace and sincerity, has been volunteered with regularity. There are no superlatives which do justice to the lengths to which (name of teacher not disclosed)  goes to ensure that students, who need support most, get neither overwhelmed nor neglected in the process. We'll all take valuable lessons from this crisis period, but we should also pause to celebrate what's been done especially well during acutely trying times. And, rested assured, the BIS community has much to celebrate! "

Student Reflections


Employer Feedback: Work Experience