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I would summarize our experience by saying we are thankful. Thankful for the outstanding teachers, who go way beyond the minimum requirements and are so very committed to ensure each child reaches their potential. Thankful for the community and staff who were always there for us when we needed an extra hand. Thankful for the school curriculum which created inquisitive learners out of our kids. And thankful for the opportunity to have shared in so many memories. BIS is an amazing place....the teachers and staff....even more amazing!

BIS Parent*

Student Reflections


Employer Feedback: Work Experience

Parent Surveys 2017-2018

Please find here direct quotes found in our annual Parent Surveys for both current and those who moved to another school*:

"Excellent preparation for university and for life. Academically high standard."

"It was a completely positive experience, socially and academically.

"My child is developing good problem solving and thinking skills, a big, big plus for BIS."

"Teaching is excellent."

"My child knows how to learn."

"A big thanks to the teachers my kids have had at Bonn International School. We will not ever forget them!"

"We did have a problem with bullying. It was addressed quickly."

"Both of my children have very, very good homeroom teachers. Both of them had their needs analyzed and a great learning program put in place for them by their teachers."

"Learning support and the student counselors make a tremendous difference."

"Technology supports my child's learning to the same degree that technology supports us all in our work - it makes school more efficient. However, it is the effort the teachers are putting into developing a relationship with my child that is really impacting his learning."

"Great teachers, who are very supportive"

"It took my daughter two weeks to settle in and that is fast."

"Great program for new families."

"It's great to feel welcomed with any request or concern and to see that feedback is really used to further improve the school! Thank you."

"We like the holistic approach."

"BIS has a fantastic atmosphere and my children are exposed to a caring and inclusive student community. They have never experience bullying."

"We miss BIS badly. Our son would love to come back tomorrow if possible. We miss the feelingwe had at BIS.... being home. We really enjoyed these 7 years with you. Thanks"

"Love the BIS families."

*Responses in these surveys are collected anonymously and thus cannot be attributed to a particular parent.


"I remember my days at BIS very fondly." Graduate Class 2002

"To all current BIS students: you are truly fortunate to attend such a great international school, located in a beautiful town. Cherish it now, be grateful, and know that you will look back fondly on the memories made. ... Once a Third Culture Kid, always a TCK!" Graduate Class 2004

"BIS left me with many lifelong friends. The IB opens many doors." Graduate Class 2009

"The community at BIS is unparalleled and I couldn’t wait to be part of the ‘family’ again! To be here is to be part of a welcoming, compassionate, truly international group." Teacher 2002–2004, Counsellor 2014–present