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I would summarize our experience by saying we are thankful. Thankful for the outstanding teachers, who go way beyond the minimum requirements and are so very committed to ensure each child reaches their potential. Thankful for the community and staff who were always there for us when we needed an extra hand. Thankful for the school curriculum which created inquisitive learners out of our kids. And thankful for the opportunity to have shared in so many memories. BIS is an amazing place....the teachers and staff....even more amazing!

BIS Parent*

Alumni Reflections

Parent Surveys - 2018 and 2019 

Please find here direct quotes found in our annual Parent Surveys for both parents with children at school and those who moved to another school*:

"Over the past three years, my daughters have grown up tremendously, both physically and mentally. This is to a large extent due to the outstanding education they have received at BIS ....(BIS) might be relative small in size, but it is very strong in spirit. Its teachers inspire excellence in students by conducting well-designed teaching programs which enable students to grow socially, emotionally and educationally ... BIS has become most important part of our family life in Bonn."

"Without the support and warm welcome, our son wouldn't have achieved so well after such a big change and move to another country in the middle of his teenage years."

"Our children enjoyed their time in school. As parents, we felt that they were sufficiently challenged. When a problem did arise, we felt it was properly taken care of."

"The rigorous curriculum at BIS more than prepared my children for American public schools ... We miss the extremely inclusive and caring environment at BIS. The community of students/families/staff is extraordinary."

"Our child had many opportunities afforded to him at BIS, was exposed to a more international environment and curriculum which I believe will stand him in very good stead for the future."

"Very good experience and proud to have been part of the BIS community for the past 10 years."

"Teachers are caring, education is exceptional, resources are phenomenal, staff is welcoming ... We absolutely loved our time at BIS."

"We loved BIS and the educational experiences each of our children received there. We appreciated that the curriculum was more project- and collaboration-based rather than lecture-based."

"Our children loved their teachers, staff and activities. They loved the atmosphere, the social aspect. One thing that really stands out is the fun they had while learning."

"Too many highlights to mention: wonderful friends, fantastic teachers, unparalleled music program, wonderful sports teams and after-school programs, Friday Primary School assemblies, the Security Team, all-around enriching activities."

"If we could pick up BIS and put it in our home city where we live now, we would. It is a high quality, rounded educational environment without pretense: our children thrived."

"Over our moves and travel, we have experienced several different schools, from American to German and in between. BIS will always be our favorite! It became our community -- a place where our children were not only educated, but also cared for as humans and citizens of the world. We could not be more grateful for our time there and fully believe "once a dragon, always a dragon":)) Thank you!"

"We would return to BIS in a heartbeat."

*Responses in these surveys are collected anonymously and thus cannot be attributed to a particular parent.

Student Reflections


Employer Feedback: Work Experience