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Bonn International School is a registered non-profit association and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The 10-member Board of Trustees supervises the long-term development of the school, holds responsibility for strategic decisions and determines school policy. Strong relationships between the Board of Trustees and the school’s leadership ensure a shared vision for the future of our school and a resilience in the face of short terms challenges.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of seven elected parents, plus the School Director, the Chair of the Parent Volunteers and one staff representative. All of the members are volunteers who donate their time and talents. All parent members of our school association can stand for election to the Board. The school’s community votes in new members at annual elections.

The Board of Trustees divides its work across five standing committees, which meet separately to research and discuss issues and bring these to the full Board for decision or information. Although the work of each committee is separate and distinct, the school’s mission and its long-term sustainability guide each decision. Standing committees are:

  • Finance and Personnel
  • Governance
  • Development
  • Policy

The Board updates the community about its activities in the school's biweekly Newsflash. The website login section contains the Board Policy Manual, meeting minutes and association-related information.