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COVID-19 Update

News Update 2 December 2021:

All grade levels are in school and on campus. Co-curricular activities and sports, as well as after-school child care, continue to take place with appropriate safety measures.

Our school remains vigilant in implementing Covid hygiene rules and procedures. We revise these as necessary according to rules issued by the state of North Rhine Westphalia's Ministry of Education and the City of Bonn. 

  • All students participate in face-to-face classes. These run on a normal timetable.
  • Each of our classrooms is equipped with an air filter(s) appropriate to its size. In addition, classrooms are aired every 20 minutes and during break times.
  • With the exception of Early Learning students, everyone on campus wears an FFP2 or medical mask in all indoor spaces.
  • Masks are not required on playgrounds or in other outdoor spaces.
  • Students who are not vaccinated are tested three times a week. Our few staff members who are not vaccinated test every morning at school.
  • All staff, even if vaccinated, are encouraged to carry out self-tests three times a week. 
  • Parents, guardians and visitors who enter school campus must provide proof that they are immunized or recovered, as well as a certified negative test that is no older than 24 hours. This applies to all adults 16 years of age and older.

Covid infection rates in Bonn and Germany change quickly and are quite often vary greatly from region to region. To keep an eye on these rates of infection and applicable rules for travel and entering Germany, please consult the following sources:

Information and Campus Visits

At this time, visitors may only enter our school with the 2G+ proof - meaning that a proof of an EU valid vaccination and/or recovery is required, as well as a certified negative test that is no older than 24 hours. This applies to all adults 16 years of age and older. Adults vaccinated with a vaccine not valid in the EU need to obtain a certified PCR test not older than 48 hours.

  • Children attending a school in Germany may visit if they have tested negative within the last 24 hours at their school, or if vaccinated, with a proof of vaccination.
  • Children not attending a school in Germany must either have proof of vaccination or a certified antigen test not older than 24 hours. You may find a qualified testing center in Bonn under this link.
  • Children under the six years of age must be tested by their parents at home.  A negative test result should be photographed and carried as a proof on one's phone.
  • Medical/FFP2 masks should be worn at all times.

To arrange for a visit, contact our Admissions Team Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 16:00, via email or call under (0049) 228 308 54 151 to get in touch with Jana and Rosemary.


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