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6.0 Negotiations

6.1    Negotiations Legal Status

The Betriebsverfassungsgesetz determines the legal status, or lack of it for different groups of employees with the school. As a ‘Tendenzbetrieb’ the role of the Betriebsrat in co-determination differs for Tendenztraeger (employees directly involved in the activity of the Tendenz – i.e., teaching staff) and non-Tendenztraeger. 

6.2    Negotiating Authorities

The Director on behalf of the Board of Trustees is delegated to negotiate staff salaries, fringe benefits and general working conditions with the staff. Negotiations that come under the auspices of the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz are conducted by the Director with members of the Betriebsrat.

6.3    Employee Compensation 

The Director annually reviews the salary and compensation of school employees, evaluates positions of responsibility and, where appropriate, makes recommendations to the Finance and Personnel Committee. 

  1. Salary and benefits package promotes the recruitment and retention of qualified, able and experienced faculty, staff and administrators.
  2. Employees are fairly and competitively compensated in relationship to others exercising similar responsibilities in similar sized German international schools.
  3. The salary and benefit package structure takes into consideration the long-term financial security of employees.
  4. The salary and benefits package structure provides for and encourages career development.
  5. The salary structure provides for the long-term financial health of the school as a continuing institution. 

6.4    Non-Tariff Arrangements

Arrangements are in place for non-teaching staff to work outside of tariff agreements if their job classification meets agreed conditions outlined in the Support Staff Salary Agreement (November 2003).

6.5    Benefit Negotiations

The School meets all statutory obligations to support employees in the payment of a fixed percentage of the social and welfare costs. Contributions to the German pension scheme are made by both the employee and employer. Individual arrangements for drawing down on these contributions are the responsibility of the employee.

Before a scheme of employee benefits is implemented a co-determination process, as defined in the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz, will be concluded.