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Travel Insurance

All BIS employees on bona fide business travel (PD, school business, school trips, EC Sport & Activities trips) are covered under our corporate foreign travel health insurance:

Insurance Carrier:    Deutscher Ring Krankenversicherung        Insurance#: K 5.674.741        Insurance Tarif: DR

Foreign countries

When you travel abroad (not Germany!) and you need to see a doctor or hospital due to an emergency, the following costs are covered and will be reimbursed by Deutscher Ring Krankenversicherung:

  • Emergency health and dental care (diagnostic, treatment, X-rays)
  • Hospital
  • Ambulance transport
  • Prescription drugs
  • Emergency dental care
  • Return transportation to Germany in certain emergency cases

What do you need to do:

  • Always contact HR or the 24 h insurance emergency number +49 40 4124-6824
  • Keep the original doctor or hospital receipt (the bill must state your full name, diagnosis, treatment, name of medication, full costs) for filing the reimbursement claim
  • Upon return, contact HR for filing the appropriate insurance claim form
  • If you need hospital treatment, call the 24 h emergency number +49 40 4124-6824 
  • When traveling in Europe, do not use your EU health card for emergency care

Please read the attached flyer for further information (German and English).


When traveling in Germany your regular health insurance will cover doctor and hospital visits. In case of a work-related accident, the state accident insurance will provide coverage.

Flyer Travel Insurance Deutscher Ring.pdf