As technology becomes an inevitable part of everyday life, Bonn International School embraces its use in the modern classroom, yet strives to ensure balance in student usage and instill values for ethical use. Educational technology tools facilitate our students in their thinking, creating, researching, communicating, collaborating and publishing. Systems used by our administration help our school run smoothly. In all our use of technology our focus is always directed on student learning.

Bonn International School has invested considerable resources in information and communications technology (ICT). The 2015-2016 school year sees BIS equipped with over 400 computers, 600 iPads, and a solid infrastructure of fiber optic and wireless access throughout our facilities. Our dedicated ICT laboratories afford MYP Design classes, robotics and programming and extend specialized learning.

Our school is in its third year with a 1-to-1 iPad program. All students in Grades 4–11 receive an iPad mini. Students keep this device throughout the school year. It serves as a compact and multi-purpose learning tool. Each Primary School classroom possesses iPads at a ratio of less than three students per device. All teachers have a MacBook Pro and iPad for teaching purposes. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard or iPad/Apple TV projection solution. The Media Centre loans trolleys of MacBook computers and iPads for in-class support.

For students who do not have a BIS digital device or wish to use a laptop, the school has developed a bring your own device policy (BYOD). However, the school does not require students to supply their own device.

All of our technology is planned and maintained by our department of IT specialists including a Systems Manager, a Database Coordinator, one Technician and a specialized iPad Technician. An Educational Technology Coordinator works collaboratively with staff and students to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum.

Our community uses the virtual learning environment “Managebac” to follow curricular milestones, assessment dates and criteria, receive reports, access resources, send messages and more.

Parents of students who desire to become more technology literate and wish to learn more about technology at BIS attend our BIS Parent Tech Academy classes.

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